Sunday, November 20, 2011

The "10" minute Table Runner

It all started here.

I was following the Henry Glass Jolly holiday party this week and came across this tutorial for a 10  Minute Table runner. 

Too good to be true you ask.  Maybe, maybe not.  It truly looks like it could be done in that amount of time by someone. Just not me.  That is not the fault of the pattern, the problem lies with me who just can't follow basic direction.  I always want to tinker with the pattern and do something just a little different.

It started when I  wanted to get the table runner on my Christmas to do list marked off.  Hey the offer of spending 10 minutes to  a half hour getting something off the list couldn't be passed by.  I intended to follow the pattern but after losing 10 minutes just trying to pick 2 pieces of Christmas fabric that I liked together and couldn't I knew I was in trouble. 

I did find a large piece of blue snowy fabric that I liked and I knew I had a couple of blocks done with that fabric in it so I decided to make my own focus panel. This would have been fine if I knew exactly where I was headed but I didn't. 

I made the panel it really was just what I wanted and it only cost me an additional 1/2 hour at the time.  Of course my newly created panel was larger than the suggested panel but that didn't slow me down.  I kept going and it was going really well until I made the pointy part and it came down and cover part of my pieced blocks.  Really looked bad and I really had to do a heck of a lot of ripping.  I spent an additional bit of time trying  to figure out how to fix the thing.  I ended up ripping back to the original 2 panels and having to add fabric to them both. They needed to be several inches longer to showcase the panel.   Sewed it all back together in a jiffy and this time it all worked as intended.

I did do some quilting and all in all it took me something like 3 hours in total to complete.   It measures in at 48 x 19.  Was it worth it?  Heck yes.  I love it.  Would I do it again.  Yes.  Would I follow the original pattern,  Maybe, maybe not. (I don't necessarily learn by my mistakes) So tell me what you think.  Are you a follower or a creative thinker damn the consequences.

Take care.


  1. It turned out lovely. I had a laugh as my mother made one of these to use 2 orphan blocks with the same thoughts and the same oops - she persevered too - she's been sewing for 60+ yrs. and quilting for 45yrs. It shows it happens to all of us.

  2. It looks wonderful! Early in my quilting days, I was a follower. Now, I must say that I'm a creative thinker. Of course, it's 22 years later!hee,hee,hee.

  3. I still tend to takes less time; I find...but there are those moments....hahaha!!!
    The runner is very pretty; I really like blue, and it is the pattern of my very first quilt that I made for myself....thanks for sharing.

  4. Your table runner is lovely. I adore your last paragraph...would I persevere and get it made? Maybe yes and maybe no...depends highly on my frustration level at that time. Blissful stitching...

  5. Love your table runner! I would say I'm a bit of both. Sometimes when the creative thinker over estimates it's abilities I'll throw in the flag and become a follower.

  6. Love the runner, it was definitely worth the extra time ... I usually make the first one to pattern, then make amendments / changes on the next one

  7. The runner is lovely, I read instructions and almost always think' I could do that better by...' And sometimes it is, sometimes it is not better! And just occasionally, I follow the instructions!

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