Friday, November 4, 2011

Gifts from a friend

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                                            ON Friday November 4th

The photo’s below are not of things that I have made, but of gifts made for me.

I got to work one day last week and found this wall hanging

And this nifty envelope with the pumpkin closure on my desk.

Not much left in it now.  It had been full of Halloween goodies.

I phoned my cohort in crime here at work asking if she knew where they came from and she said no.    My cohort, P, mainly knits so I ruled her out.  At some point I was in her office and the topic came up again and she started to giggle.  OK so she had something to do with it but wouldn’t tell be who made them.  I had to guess.  The  real puzzle is that I don’t know anyone here at work who quilts.

It took me awhile and I just threw the name of  my quilting mentor out there, no reason other than I had no other ideas. Oh course JS my mentor doesn’t work here which is why she wasn’t my first instant choice. JS usually makes me goodies and leaves them hanging on my front door.

JS really went to some great lengths to surprise me this time.  She found an old email that had  P’s email address on it and contacted her and they worked it out behind the scenes.  I am so lucky to have such great friends.


  1. How cool is that!!! Would love to have seen your face and I know how you are bit of a tracker downer but glad you didn't catch me in the act!!!! Enjoy!!

  2. You are a good detective, you solved the mystery! Nice to have such good friends!

  3. Such lovelies to greet you by a good friend.


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