Tuesday, May 21, 2024

On The Road Again - Blog Hop

Hi, Thanks for stopping by on your Road Trip, full of stops along the way to visit with many of your quilty friends.

This months goal is to make something that will get us from one spot to another anyway possible.

Over the years I have done many such pieces, including quilts full of trains and planes.  And yes, I even included transportation on my polaroid quilt.  If you have been following my posts  you know that I have been referencing the various blocks in that quilt over the last couple of months.  There are 30 misc blocks in total in that quilt and references will be showing up several more times this year.  Here are 2 more blocks from it that depict transportation

I didn't have a real idea of what I would be doing for this event until I passed some bicycle fabric in a quilt store I was visiting with a friend.  Her idea to stop but I ended up buying the fabric and she got a good laugh cause she walked out empty handed.

I just wanted to whip up a simple lap quilt.  I picked out a pattern and took the fabric to a sew day with my quilt guild buddies so I could cut on wonderful high tables.  Only one problem.  You know what happens when you meet up with a bunch of nice people and start to chat when you should be concentrating ......... yeah nothing good.  

This is the basic top I was aiming for.  

This is what I ended up with as cut left overs

I apparently cut twice as much as I needed.  So now I'm caught with a brain cramp that can't figure out if I want to make a second lap quilt or a larger throw size.  I just can't decide and until I do it remains a UFO or 2.

Well that left me with no new finished project for this hop and I can't have that.  So to backtrack a bit, I love making embroidered table toppers using these 15 inch chargers.

I've found them at Target, Walmart and Dollar Tree for about $2.00 a piece. Less at Dollar Tree. They make a very pretty quick gift for any occasion. I made the apples for me and the Christmas trees for a friend.

                           On Mothers Day we went to friends for dinner and I made one for "the mom" with wild flowers but forgot to take a picture.  Her husband loved it and jokingly asked why I didn't make one for him.  Ta Da the new idea I needed for this hop.

I use Creative Fabrica for lots of my design ideas across all of my different crafting endeavors. When I looked for Embroidery/Cars I found designs for "Muscle Cars on Mylar". Perfect since he's into cars. I only had one issue, I have no idea what they meant by Mylar and neither did the gals working at JoAnns.  The end result is to have a light stitch over shiny Mylar.  I improvised and used silver faux leather.  

It's not exactly what it is supposed to looked like but he won't know that and I wouldn't either if I hadn't blown up the pattern image on my computer. The cars do actually look much shinier with bright sun, too bright to get a picture. 

He'll love it and since he has declared himself as the unofficial godfather to my dogs he'll receive it for Fathers Day.

Thanks so much Carol for planning this months adventure.

Thanks to all of my guests for stopping by on your travels and please add all of these other travelers to your triptik.  See the list below.

Until next time,  travel safely.

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  1. The bicycle quilt will be really cute when it's finished! I think you should just make a second one with the leftovers and donate it. Love those embroidered chargers! Great idea!

  2. Oh the joys of stitching with friends! LOL!! At least you had leftovers and didn't end up short. What a fun way to decorate those chargers. You always amaze me with the things you embroider on. Someone is going to love his on Fathers day.

  3. I love your term "brain cramp"...I have a lot of those! The idea of embroidering on chargers is mind blowing and inspiring. You think of the coolest things! My mind is running wild on the possibilities. The cars are perfect for this hop and will be making one guy very happy, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing, Selina!

  4. Great idea to embroider on chargers. My SIL and grandsons would love these muscle cars. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. The embroidered cars are great, and what a nice surprise for the "dogfather"! Thanks for sharing.

  6. LJ here. I'm impressed that you use those ready-made chargers. Your husband is loving his, I'm sure. Love the bike fabric since I'm into biking.

  7. So very cool! My husband was a big classic car fan.

  8. The cars look great embroidered on the mats!

  9. Love your embroidered mats, what a great project!

  10. Seeing all these bicycle fabrics/quilts - I got some somewhere - hmmm. I love the idea of embroidering on the mats. Looks like a fun and quick project for a gift.


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