Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 20th Already !!!!!

I started this post on October 10, where is the time going?

Before the quilty parts, Prayers are going out to those hurt in any way by Hurricane Matthew.  We were very fortunate here in our section of Central Florida.   No wind damage, no flooding and no electric outage.

OK on to the the quilty stuff.  So far this month I have made a couple of pin cushions for a Scrappy pin cushion swap.  I made the little one first and decided it was just too little for a swap. so I tried again on a larger scale.  My goal was to make a cushion  that could also hold clips.

I also added a little zip pouch that could hold some note cards that I made using my latest crafting toy, a Big Kick by Sizzix. It does great embossing.

Next week our guild is having a representative from Project Linus come for a visit.  The members of the group are taking part in a challenge using 1 or more 20 patch blocks in their quilts for donation.  Since my surgery was at one point scheduled for last week  I didn't sign up for the challenge.

Now that I'm fully functioning I decided to whip up a couple of "quilt as you go" quilts from my stash for the Project Linus collection.

I purchased this little girl flower fabric a couple of years ago. I got something like 10 yards in assorted color ways at 40 - 50% off at my local Quilt shop.

I've had these adorable little guys for at least a year.  Still have more in the drawer.

And there are always polka dots to be found for backing.

I timed making these quilts excluding the hand stitching of the binding and got each done in under 4 hours.  The hand stitching took almost that long.

I've also started doing some sewing for our local chapter of Operation Shoebox. They send goodie bags to our troops.  For the holidays they send the goodies in Christmas stocking with drawstring tops.  The group breaks the project  into steps.  My step is to make the channel for the draw string and attach the cuff to the stocking and then sew the stocking together.  I return them to the group and the next persons will snip the curves, turn them inside out, press and add the drawer string. 

I offered to do that step as part of my work. I was told Not To, they would prefer that I spent my time sewing and that a non sewer would take care of the next step.  That I shouldn't take work from someone else.  I just never thought of it that way. I guess I'm not normally a team player.  But  I do follow instructions. They gave me 25 to do and I'm done with 15 so far.    I will return the stockings they gave me with my step and only my step completed.  


  1. I know what you mean about thinking about being efficient and all. But I've learned over time that there are people who want to contribute and either have limited skills or perhaps something like arthritis now puts limits on what they can do. I like everyone that wants to participate to feel truly useful, even if it does mean I am also "on call" if more help is needed. I like that you made the pincushion so it can hold clips too. Perfect for stitching on a binding.

  2. We have non-sewing members and we always try to assign them something that fits a task needed - and it does make them feel a part of the group.

  3. The pincushions are terrific. That's a great place for the clips to be stored. I'd never have thought of that. Your generosity with sewing for charity is awesome and your quilts are so cute.

  4. You continue to be a very generous quilter and sewist. Everything for everyone else. The quilts for Project Linus are great! Such wonderful, bright colors. Those will be well-loved quilts, for sure. And how you're helping with Operation Shoebox is generous too. Nice that you can share your sewing skills in an organization that uses volunteers with all skills. You do good work, Selina.

  5. Your stripe quilts are sweet and simple. I love them and a child will too.

  6. The Project Linus quilts are adorable and I'm sure they will be appreciated.

    I've never heard of Operation Shoebox but it sounds like a very worthy cause. A great way to share your skills.

  7. You are the best!! Keep up the good works!

  8. Great idea about the pincushions! I’m pinning this one and forwarding it onto my daughter! Your pincushions look very patriotic!
    You are one fast quilter – a quilt in four hours! Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  9. What a great idea to add a spot on your pincushion for clips! Such a busy lady with all those projects.


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