Friday, September 30, 2016

Creative Sewing Space and some Show and Tell

A few weeks ago a quilting friend of mine sent me a photo of a very expensive rack that you can set up next to your sewing machine to aid in supporting a quilt while you quilt it.  It was cute but way beyond my budget even if I had space for it.

The idea was great though.  It was using clamps and bungees to support the weight of a quilt.

I sew in a closet.  I have the spare bedroom for my sewing space but I share it with the dogs.  My dogs are bedroom trained instead of crate trained. So while I have total use of the room most of the time, when we go out the dogs go in.  It's a great space but I find that I like the fact that they can't get to my machine and pins etc. etc. etc. when I'm out.

Well I took the basic idea and hung clamps attached to bungees from the wire shelf in my closet that's above the machine.  It works really, really well.

Finished quilt front and


Both of these quilts were made for the local Honor Flight program.  This quilt was made using the pattern  idea from  Mary  who is involved with the Heart Strings Quilt Project.  She shares her patterns and pattern ideas for use for Charitable projects.  I loved this  idea.  It was quick and makes a perfect Honor Flight quilt.


Several members of my guild are also aiming to use the pattern for this project. Thank you Mary.


  1. great looking quilts. don't know if hanging quilt is for me or not though.

  2. Beautiful! Using the closet rod was a great idea.

  3. I love a good McGyver project! Good for you for solvnig a problem without throwing a lot of money at it.

  4. What a clever solution. Your quilts are lovely!

  5. What a great idea. and those Honor Flight quilts are Fantastic! We make them for our local Honor Fligh too - so you gave me some great ideas!!


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