Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Two Tops, A Tote and an Organizer

I've been on an a major roll over the past couple of weeks.  Went through some boxes in the garage and purged lots of stuff.  Organized my sewing space and purged in there also. But I also was on a major sewing toot.

I had been working on this quilt top for Honor Flight for a couple of weeks and decided it needed to be finished.  Ok it still needs to be quilted but the top is done. 

Last week there was a tutorial on Missouri Star Quilts for using striped fabrics.  I was fascinated.
Headed to JoAnns with coupon in hand and this is the result.  It looks nothing like her samples.  The stripe pattern and the widths of the strips make such a difference quilt to quilt.

Mine finished at about 42 x 50.  It was quick and easy.  Can't wait to do another with a different stripe.  But I do need to quilt these 2 tops before starting another one.

Last week I saw a lady in the LQS carring a bag very similar to this one.  I had it on my mind for the whole week. When I went to buy the striped fabric I picked up the mesh. Last night I had to do it. I used a generic tote pattern that was in my head from doing many totes over the years.  It took me about 3 hours from start to finish.

It's base is a plastic screening/mesh. The fabric with the straps forms 6 outside pockets. It is unbelievably light. I had to weigh it down for the picture, it kept blowing away.

The best part of organizing the garage was that I finally found my missing crochet hooks.  I had't been able to locate them since we moved 16 months ago.  Every time I started a new project I had to go get a new hook.  Then last month I got all of my late MIL's hooks. Well I now have 60 plus hooks.

I really needed a hook organizer.  Not only because I have so many hooks but because I can't always read the needle size without my glasses.

I used a large muslin scrap and a tie from a fabric bundle and I'm all set.

Tomorrow I have a sewing date with my sister to do pillow cases and then I must buckle down and sandwich those 2 tops.


  1. Love the two new quilt tops especially the one using the striped fabric, very effective. 60 crochet hooks? W ow!

  2. The r/w/b quilt is fabulous, but I do like the look of the stripe one - eye catcher!!

  3. Ooh, that striped quilt is cool! But the Honor Flight quilt caught my eye, too, before the stripes dragged it away! Both are wonderful!

  4. Great projects, I have to make myself a couple of those organizers for crochet and knitting needles.
    In stitches

  5. You've been seriously busy! The Honor Flight quilt and stripe one are amazing!


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