Monday, May 9, 2016

300th Post - Pouches, pouches, pincushions and a giveaway.

As I mentioned in my last post I was fascinated by the Zipper in the Becca Bag pattern by Lazy Girl.
In that post I showed my first 2 attempts (successful). I had been talking about them so much that I ended up promising a few friends from out of state that I would send them each one.

This is a picture of how the zipper looks.  You only use one side of the zipper and the tab and you sew it all in at once and skip the seam on that side of the bag. VERY easy to do.

So on Saturday morning I cut 2 contrasting 6 inch by wof strips for the outsides and 2 strips of lime green solid for the lining and started my pouches.  The first one was shown in the previous post.

I didn't follow the pattern except for the zipper portion where the instructions for deconstructing the zipper and then using only one half and the pull for the closure are explained. Very clear instructions.

I cut each of the strips into thirds and charged on.  I wanted to make 6 little bags.  My finished bags are about 5.5 by 5.5 give or take.  The size was determined by the zippers I had on hand.  I practiced improv curves for the outside of the first 4 bags.  Loved how they turned out. I got bored with that process before the last 2 bags so I just cut the last 2 sections into strips and went from there.

Love how they turned out and will get them in the mail sometime this week.

When I chopped the wof  I ended up with 13.5 in. sections. I quilted the sections before cutting to the size I needed for the bags. This left some nice size chunks of quilted fabric that I couldn't toss out so I whipped up some pincushions. There is always someone around who could use a pincushion, right?

And since This is my 300th blog post I think I will give away one of my little bags and a pincushion. I'll pick a name from the comments list on Sunday, May 15. I'll ship anywhere.

Thank you all for stopping by for these 300 posts. I appreciate you, one and all.


  1. Those are adorable..for the life of me putting in a zipper has always perplexed me, but these are so cute i may have to try again

  2. Love your little bags I think I will need to find this pattern. I love making pin cushions I have a basket in my sewing room full of these ever growing cuties.

    Robin in Washington State

  3. I do not like working with zippers, but you make this pouch sound so easy I may have to purchase the pattern to try again. Great use of scraps making the pin cushions.

  4. Congratulations on your 300th post, Selina! I look forward to the next 300 :)

  5. Yay for 300 posts! I can't even repair a zipper when the teeth connector goes awry so I can't even imagine working a zipper from just one half of it! Your bags and pinnies are simply adorable!

  6. I love all your projects! I have never seen one of those I'd love to win a pouch and if not, I'd love to know how to get the zipper :)
    Peggy in NJ

  7. Your pouches are so cute and I am really curious about that zipper and how it is sewn in.

  8. I really want to give this a try - I just can't figure out how to put the zipper back together again! Guess I should buy the pattern. So cute!! Congratulations on 300 posts!!

  9. I am very intrigued by the zipper. I just love bags. Great project. Darlene

  10. Congrats on the big 300! LOL!! Now you have me really stumped with this zipper thing. I just can't imagine! Those little bags are just adorable though.

  11. You ROCK Selina....300 posts....WOW! And you do keep busy! I'm just amazed at how much you get done.
    Wondering if you keep these posts in a journal?
    I will definitely get that zipper bag pattern..I'm intrigued by using half a zipper. Curious to know if you have extra pulls to use on the other half of the zipper on another bag? in case I win a bag ;-)

  12. I'm a quilter....but not a garment, purse, or little bag sewer that requires zippers! I would love to win yours! Congratulations on reaching 300.

  13. I'm late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS on your 300th post! Cute bags!

  14. Congrats on your 300th post. The pouches are adorable. I love to have extras pouches to use and give.


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