Thursday, March 31, 2016

2016 - Finish Along - Q1

I had listed 7 items on my Q1 FAL list.  Several of the items were for multiple pieces. All in all this was a wonderful incentive to get things done,  including the piece I finished last night.  If it wasn't on my list I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have gotten done.

This posting contains 3 of my finishes.

#6 from my list is a finished Helmet Liner, I try to make a few a year for the group Forgotten Soldiers.

The second #3 on my list was to make 2 mini quilts 24 inches square for the group Giving Dolls. This is the second and the piece I completed yesterday.

My Quilty 365 project which I started on January 1 was the othere #3 on my list. By end of day today I needed to have completed 91 blocks.

(I'm sure she is helping me count not hindering my picture taking, HA).

I have 11 rows of 8 plus 4 for a grand total of 92.  This was a very tough goal mentally. Much easier to keep up on than I ever imagined.

I totally missed the 3 items that were #5.  Looking back at my posts for the past 3 months I can't complain that I only missed #5 as I did accomplish a lot of other stuff.  Maybe I'll put it on the list again or maybe not. I have a week to figure that out.

Thanks to all of the coordinators across the globe for taking this awesome project on. It's been wonderfully motivating.


  1. Wonderful mini and I love your colorful circles - that setting is so different and fun.

  2. You have two lovely finishes #6 and #3 but sadly the lovely Quilty 365 project will not count this time as it needs to be made into something - a quilt? But you have finished another item - your baby quilt #2 on your list so you could link that one up instead.

  3. Great finishes Selina! Super cute mini quilt! A wonderful generous finish with the helmet liner. And I love watching your circles multiply! It makes me think of marbles. I love marbles.

  4. What an adorable mini! I love the circle blocks too! Visiting from the Finish it up Friday linkup. :)

  5. Lovely to see the circles all together.:)

  6. Congratulations on your tulip finish! I love that pattern and your fabric choices are just perfect for it. Super finish! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

  7. Love your tulips and all those circles.

  8. Your Quilty 365 circles are looking great!

  9. I can't even imagine sewing so many circles on a quilt, but I love the look! Your quilt-counting helper is so cute. I don't think my son could have a quilt on the floor at his house...I think he has 16 or more of those kind of helpers. :O)


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