Sunday, November 8, 2015

Meet Gracie

I had a very fun filled week.  I have started to follow Massdrop  and a few weeks ago the Janome Derby sewing machine came up. I could have gotten one from Amazon or at Joanns for a comparable price but not with as large a color selection.

I loved the gray with pink, they call her Graceful Gray. I call her Gracie.

The big draw for me for this tiny machine is that it weights in at 5 lbs.  Yep, 5 lbs.
Exactly what I need to drag to guild meetings.  I'm really done with carting my bigger machines and tend to do nothing rather than bring one of them

I choose this 8 inch house block to test run the machine and to find it's 1/4 inch.  See that blue tape.

I figured that if I could make a 22 piece block match up I'm good to go.

I'm also well on my way to getting my Christmas list started.  I am making Christmas table runners using a row from the Fair Isle Quilt pattern that I made last year.  

This will be a very long table runner, about 72 inches.  See my little 8 in house block up in the corner.

I'll be traveling this week so will be doing some red work or crochet to keep my hands busy.


  1. Cute little machine - a nice lite weight is great for travel.

  2. And it's real? LoL So cute! I like your tree runner.

  3. What a great little machine. Your test block is super cute.

  4. now that's a cute little machine and looks like she stitches up just fine. I also love to keep my hands busy ..... a little knitting for me right now
    in stitches


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