Sunday, November 22, 2015

Catching up with Post Card swap, Winning a Giveaway,Another Table Runner and a Snap Purse

I love participating in  Postcard Exchange s   .I recently participated in one  for fall.  It was coordinated by Sheila over at Sheila's Quilt World. I can now show a couple of pictures of my card since I have heard from the receiver that she has it in hand.

The pattern was designed by Michelle May at Raspberry Rabbits.  Her original design was much larger. I shrank it down to post card size.

I actually made 2, one for the swap and one for a friends aunt who made me a Christmas ornament.

Last month there was a Halloween blog hop and Brandy over at Pampered Pettit participated and  had her very own giveaway.  I was her  Winner .  Click on the link and see her wonderful work.

This is the wonderful assortment of goodies I recieved all in this terrific zip bag with the vinyl front.

Each piece nicer than the next.

See this box of candy, I had it finished by the time I finished writing my thank you note, it was delicious. 

And here is my 3rd Christmas table runner.  It is based on a free pattern by Lee Heinrich of 
Freshly Pieced.   The pattern 
                                                                               My Holiday Forest pillow
is for a pillow but I made two and turned it into a wonderful table runner. Table runners are my home made gift of choice this holiday season.

And just in case the recipient isn't as crazy as I am about my purple trees

I backed it in Christmas presents.

And last but not least is my 15 minute snap purse.


  1. All very nice projects Selina. I love how you turned the pillow project into a table runner.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Oh, I love your swirly stitched pumpkins on the pastcard! I also love your flying geese tree forest! I would never have guessed purple, but I like it.

  3. That table runner is the bomb! I don't have a bit of purple in my house, but I think it's smashing. Though... it IS very thoughtful of you to put a holiday print on the back. Your recipients just have to love you!


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