Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Finishes

MJ has been away so I have had a little more me time then normal.  I have been watching the Roosevelt Series on PBS while knitting and stitching.

This is the latest Chemo Cap.

I also finished the baby quilt top.  I hope to have it quilted by next weekend.

A local senior group has an annual fund raiser craft sale in November so I have made a few more knitted dish clothes that I will wrap up with wooden kitchen utensils.

And then I made the letter E twice.

In the in between time I also made the front for 3 Fall Postcards for a Postcard swap I'm participating in.  Can't post pictures of them until they get where they are going and I need to finish them before mailing :)  

So what next? Charming Stars, Sandwiching a quilt, finishing the postcards or knitting?

Stop back on Thursday, my day for the Rush Hour Blog Hop.
Have a great week.


  1. Wow... you HAVE been busy! Lots of cool stuff completed.... wtg!

    Okay... what are the E's for??? Inquiring minds and all that...


  2. Love the pattern of your little baby quilt. And I have been wanting to do an alphabet quilt and have been following the Temecula quilt co posts. I Just need to finish up some other projects first. I will be anxious to see your finished quilt. Janita

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