Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New This Week

I have signed up for 2 Sew Alongs. One with Temecula Quilt Co where we are making 4 1/2 in alphabet blocks at the rate of 2 per week and one with Terry at Terry's Treasures where we are doing Charming Star Blocks at no rate at all just a suggested maybe 4 per month.  No pressure.

These are my first 4 Charming Star blocks.  I am using Christmas fabrics.  Last night I pulled 16 fabrics and made my own Charm pack.  The blocks are a great size, they finish at 14 inches.  The only problem I see is that I now have all the fabric cut and begging to be sewn.  This project may go a lot quicker than I originally intended.

Now these sweet little letters are just quick fun.  My plan is to make them the day they are released. I purchased the fabric kit ( the one with the dots on the background ) and since they are so quick to put together I figured I'd make 2 quilts at the same time. Today was D day.

It hasn't taken half an hour to whip up 2 blocks yet.  Even this one that I had to rip because I put the top and bottoms on backward.  Ripping 4 1/2 inches is really not a big job.

I also find I'm kind of addicted to knitting dish clothes. These are clothes 5 and 6 made in the last 2 weeks.

Combined with some wooden kitchen utensils they make a quick and easy gift.

I used this one to hold a gift card.  Happy Birthday JB.  It's in the mail. You should have it by your big day.


  1. It will be hard to pace oneself with the Charming Stars - I was thinking the same thing - fabrics are ready and sitting there and it goes so fast...... Your little alpha's are so cute and what a nice gift set.

  2. Your star blocks look great! I couldn't stop at just four! LOL

  3. Great stuff going on in your corner of the quilting world! Girls just wanna have fun!

  4. your charming stars are too darned cute! the letters will make a neat project and the dishcloth and utensils make such a nice gift. you have been busy

  5. Your star blocks are great in Christmas fabrics ! Great idea to make dishcloths as gifts. Thoughtful and so useful :-)

  6. Love the star blocks! Those knitted dishcloths are something my mom used to make and we used them all the time...sweet memory.

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