Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sewing Again

Yea, I can sew again.  OK, only in short bursts but that is progress.

I have seen this block popping up in various places around blog land.  Don't know what it's called or if it has a traditional quilt built around it but this is what  I have done with it.  Each block took about a half hour to put together.  About what I can sit still for. 

My base block measures in at 12 1/2 inches by 22 1/2 inches.  So this quilt comes in at about 44 x 50.

I made it using up left overs from the Kona Sunrise Colorstory Jelly Roll I got for the Kona blog hop from last winter.  It was a great help that the fabric was pre cut.  

The quilt is for a baby shower I am attending this weekend. I've know the mom since she was eight. She is now in her mid to late 20's.  Time is a flying by.

I had some bits and pieces left from the front and then I tossed in a couple more strips to make the strip of color down the back and I used a few more strips for the binding. I used about 20 strips and then one of the Kona Whites, can't remember which one.  When I replenish my stock my LQS tells me what I buy.  They keep much better records than I.

The backing  is all wonderful black on white kitties.  I bought this fabric at Hobby Lobby last year for a quilt back and loved it so much that I went and back and picked up some more. Oops that picture is upside down.

I love how bright and cheery this quilt turned out. I love bright for babies.  

I think I will try and whip up another one of these strictly from my scraps.  I think I have a good collection on 2 1/2 inch strips in a drawer somewhere. I think I will make it a bit bigger, maybe starting with a 14 1/2 inch strip instead of a 12 1/2.  That will make the blocks 14 1/2 by 26 1/2 and a quilt of maybe 50 x 62 with out borders.  I have one more quilt to start for this years H2H and this may be it.


  1. I love bright Colors for babies too , this a perfect baby quilt , great job Selina !

  2. This is a very sweet baby quilt and love the back as much as the front.

  3. This is a great quilt design and perfect for baby. Love the colorfulness!

  4. Adorable quilt, Selina! So glad you're able to sew again!!

  5. I have seen this quilt, also. Yours is great! Thanks for the pictures & thoughts on the making of it.

  6. Hi!!!!! I love it and the backing is so fun!!!!!! I am glad your were able to have some fun working on it!!!! Hope you will soon be able to create whenever you want to!!!!!!

  7. This is a great quilt - I love your colors. Did you use a pattern or make your own design to copy what you'd seen on the internet?


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