Thursday, May 8, 2014

Keeping Busy

I am doing really well on my recovery.  No pain and most of my range of motion is returning. I still have a limited  attention span and find I can't focus on reading at all.  The good side is that it is amazing how many small projects and UFO's one can tackle and make progress on in 30 minute segments.

I posted before surgery several projects I did want to see if I could finish or at least make progress on.

The first completion was this pair of socks I had found, from who knows when. 3/4's of the first sock was completed .  All it needed was the decrease for the toe.   Now I have a pair.  Actually they were gifted yesterday to an old friend who met up with us for breakfast. Timing is everything.

The picture of the sock on the foot is to show that it fits,  It always amazes me how big the foot looks on hand made socks because the ribbing is so snug.

I also managed to finish another helmet liner. I know that this picture was right side up in my file. Don't know why google takes these liberties. I think this one was close to half way done when I started back on it.

I did start a baby sweater. Probably got it 1/3 done.  Stopped because I need to look up how to do the next step and that isn't working for me at the moment.  I'll give it a shot next week.

I did make the baby quilt that was in my last post and  these are the blocks for the H2H quilt using the same pattern just adding 2 extra rows per block and an additional inch in width.

I will probably use 3 inch sashing to get it to a more useful size for a teen or adult.

But the biggest and best part of going through the UFO's was this find

I started this at least 10 years ago.  I've picked it up on several occasions since but never managed to finish it.  This is entrelac.  It isn't difficult but this piece is rather cumbersome and very heavy.  It is being worked in a  Bulky wool and mohair blend.  All I have left is 2 rows of the beige and one row of the black and the final  row of half triangles in black  and it will be done. I have given it a temporary home on my kitchen table and chair so I can work on it for short spurts when ever.

I also cut out a bunch of Hexie foundation pieces and punched the holes in them but I'm not sure about going forward with that project. Time will tell.

I will continue to plod away and feel so accomplished.  I want to make a set of pot holders and some note cards  and I think there is a not quite half finished pair of mittens somewhere and  3 H2H quilts to be sandwiched and quilted. 30 minutes at a time is amazing.

 Here's wishing you a productive week too.


  1. Selina , glad you are recovering well from surgery and getting some UFO 's done . Great socks and helmet liner and I really like your quilt . Lots of great projects . Take care and be well . Hugs Sheila

  2. Love your projects & am amazed at all you have done. Want to make the quilt! I have a pattern for the helmet liner, but when I got it, I was a little intimidated, so haven't even started it. Glad you are feeling better & are so positive!

  3. Wow, Selina, you've really been busy! Isn't it wonderful to see the accomplishments pile up? Glad you're feeling so well….

  4. Love your socks - it was such an aha moment when I did my first pair! Just kept saying...follow the pattern, follow the pattern..LOL - glad your recovery is going so well!

  5. Glad to hear you are recovering well... and you're getting a lot done as well. Love those socks... very very nice!

  6. You are amazing!!!!
    Hard to believe that entrap is 10 yrs old!!! Does that mean that my entrap scarf will soon be an antique???
    Miss ya'll
    June - NC


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