Saturday, October 12, 2013

My first Postcard Swap

I am participating in my first postcard swap ever.  It has been coordinated by Sheila over at  The theme of the swap is FALL.

I was partnered with Annette at  This is the beautiful post card I received this past week. It was a great treat to come home from a trip to.

I would have posted about it Thursday but it has done nothing but rain since I got home from my vacation.  This morning we had about an hour of sun so out we went to get a picture of the great colors and wonderful detail that makes up this FALL postcard.  

I thought this swap sounded like a great idea and joined without giving a lot of thought to its timing.
Well it is fortunate that postcards make for a very portable project because I was away for most of the last week and a half so all of the detail on mine was done by hand.

  I did get mine mailed out to Annette between stops on our vacation. I can't blog about mine yet as Annette hasn't received it.

Here is one more view, I hope to get a small plate holder for it this week so I can set it on my end table for the rest of the fall season.  It is the perfect size for the table, it measures in at 6 in x 7 1/2 in.

                Thanks so much to both Sheila for coordinating and Annette for the beautiful piece of art.


  1. what a gorgeous postcard! i've been admiring lots of fabric postcards on flickr and co and would love to make some as well, just have no idea how to go about it. does the other side look like a normal postcard? and can it be sent as a postcard or is the post office picky about it?

  2. The postcard from Annette is gorgeous , she also gifted me with one very similar and I love it , Annette is a very talented gal . Thanks so much for taking part and I think maybe we will have another with a christmas theme so stay tuned .

    1. What a wonderful surprise to find in your mailbox!! I 'm thinking I 'd like to try making these!! Can't wait to see your cards!!!

  3. Love it! You know I do adore postcards. So fast, fun and pretty! :)

  4. What a fun idea! You received a real beauty. I've never participated in a postcard swap but it sounds like a blast.

  5. Sew glad you like my little post card ... I had fun making them. I am sure if Sheila does another swap I will put my name in again.
    hope you had a great weekend
    in stitches


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