Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm not going to Jail

Yes, I can prove I am a quilter.  It’s funny, but if you asked me if I kept my quilts I would have said no.  Not until I actually stopped and looked around did I realize I have a decent collection of my work floating around the house.  You will notice as we go on tour that I have my Fall (Halloween) season stuff out at the moment.  I do have Winter (mostly Christmas), Spring (mostly Easter) and Summer (mostly Red, White and Blue) things that you won’t see this time around.

I live in a 2 bedroom Town House. We’ll start in the living room.  

This is my Halloween quilt.  I made it last year for a blog hop.  I’ve made 4 Halloween quilts for me but they have all managed to find other homes. Let’s see how long I can hold onto this one.

This quilt is MJ’s.  It is called a Bunk House quilt by Country Threads.  I got the pattern and fabric kit from them several years ago.  It had that manly look to it and it was long.  MJ is a bit over 6 foot and length is always an issue.  Sorry for the darkness of the photo, our living room is pretty much a man cave.

Between our living room and dining room is a banister.  I made the quilt that is hanging over it 5 years ago while home recuperating from Hip replacement surgery.  A friend dropped off a kitchen trash can bag full of her scraps so I could entertain myself.  MJ set up my feather weight in the kitchen and away went many, many hours of forced, boring, stay at home time. I made a total of 5 tops with those scraps.  Gave away the other 4 and kept this one for me.

Now on to the dining room.  Here is the other side of the banister quilt.  I had it professionally quilted. Can you see, I got it back and in these 5 years have never managed to bind it.  

On the table is a runner I made for a blog hop last year.  I won the quilting in a giveaway.  I didn’t manage to get this one bound either.   Maybe I’ll get to it before it goes away in December, or maybe not.  I’m not expecting the quilt police to visit anytime soon and I have no problem living with it unbound.

This quilt is hanging on the dining room wall.  It is based on the tile floor in a bathroom in Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom.  MJ is a Disney nut.  When I made this for him I made the mistake of telling him he could hang it anywhere. Little did I expect that he would choose the dining room.  Yes, a good term for my house would be eclectic.  He can see it from HIS CHAIR in the man cave.

On to the kitchen.  This piece is from  a class I took 20 or so years ago to learn to appliqué.   It was before I mastered flat/ straight borders. 

I have a powder room that usually has something hanging in it but not at the moment.  Outside the powder room door is this piece.  I think this is my favorite.  I made it maybe 10 or more years ago.  For the last 3 years it has been hanging here.  I used to put it away at the end of the season, that was back when it hung in the dining room where the frogs are currently taking up residence.  The first season it hung here I missed it during season change and it has remained here ever since, because I like it.

I have quilts hanging on the upstairs banisters but they were gifts, not my work.  I also have quilted pieces in my quilt room (2nd bedroom) but again they were gifts not my work.

In the master bedroom at the moment I only have the one quilt that is on the bed.  It belongs to Tinkerbell.  It was given to her to protect the bedspread underneath.   She is a slobbery dog.   In the summer I have a king size spread that I made several years back but I can’t find a picture of it. 

And this quilt hanging on the wall.  

I feel that I have now proved myself as a quilter and that I will remain out of Jail.  I will be linking to Lilypad quilting

Stop by and follow the links to the others who have proved themselves.  It’s a fun trip.


  1. My favorites are the bed quilt and table runner. Lovely collections for not keeping your quilts.

  2. Great collection! I love the Bunk House quilt!

  3. That is a good idea to hang the quilt over the banister, I love scrap quilts! Men are wonderful for hanging things in weird places, I have a RTE 66 clock I got for my husband, expecting him to hang it in his office, well it is in the LR! LOL

  4. Love the quilt from scraps, and the frog - that's so sweet that he wanted it where he could see it. :D The witches are SO CUTE!!!!

  5. Love all your quilts and no you don't go to jail! I love a quilt hanging over the bannister - although here it is fair game for 'climbing' by two furries. The little witches piece is really adorable!

  6. Definately looks like your guilty as charged. If your in jail, just think of all the great friends you will be with!!! LOL!! Love your quils, nothing makes a home warmer than quilts on every wall! :-)

  7. Wow! Quilty treasures all over your home! Very nice and I love that each one has a special meaning.


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