Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bowl Buddy

Last week I was visiting Linda at   http://flourishingpalms.blogspot.com/2013/06/stitchin-and-dishin.html  where I saw her posting about Bowl Buddies.  She found a tutorial for making them here  http://www.seamshappy.com/2012/08/13/microwave-bowl-pot-holder/ .

This is my go at a Bowl Buddy.  The idea is that you put a bowl into this quilted fabric bowl and do your micro wave thing.  Once your whatever is heated you can just remove it from the micro wave without benefit of a potholder because that’s pretty much what the bowl buddy’s job is.  Not to mention that it looks great micro wave to table.

So as we all know I don’t do one of anything. I kinda thought that 2 would make a better gift.  I also thought that if I were making them as  gifts they should come with  a bowl already inside.  Friday on my way home from work, I found myself at the Crate and Barrel outlet.  

I went in with Buddy in hand and found what I think is the perfect bowl at a great price.  4 bowls for $9.95 .  Well the more I looked at the 2 bowls in their Buddy’s I thought they would look great on the table if they were joined by a Trivet.  Yes there is only 1 Trivet  but if I were making this as a real gift I would make 2.  Truth be told I ran out of time.  Only got the idea for the trivet at about 9:30 Friday night. I was meeting an old friend for breakfast on Saturday morning and I wanted to give her the set and get her feedback on receiving  them as a gift.  She is one of those blatantly honest people.  She loved them and had no problem taking them home with her.  She does want the missing Trivet.

I attached tags to the pieces because the Trivet is lined with Insul Bright which can’t be micro waved. and  Buddy who can be micro waved. 


The batting Linda and I used in the buddy is called Wrap N Zap by Pellon.  It is designed for micro wavablity.   I read somewhere along the line that it is best not to use regular cotton batting for micro wave projects because it sometimes contains impurities that can burn in a micro wave.  I don’t know if that is true or not but I decided not to risk a fire or melt down. 

 The Zap and Wrap wasn’t expensive and I got it at JoAnns with either a discount or a coupon because heaven forbid we pay full price for anything we can get at Joanns.  I know I am among the fortunate, I currently pass Joanns coming home from work and have lunch in the same shopping center at least once a week.

Anyway, I am see several of these sets in my future.  I already have a request to make a set for my sister to give as a house warming present.  Can’t wait to see how that one turns out as I’m making it using HELLO KITTY fabric.  And I will be making a more traditional set for friends of mine for their new home.

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  1. I love these! I'll be stopping by my Joann's tomorrow to see if I can find the batting -- another great gift idea, thanks!

  2. I've seen these made - they used the 'potato batt' (for the micro potato bags) which is probably the same idea as the Zap. Great gift idea.

  3. These are in my sewing future too! I plan to enlarge the pattern to accommodate a couple of bowls I use to heat larger amounts of food in the microwave. Hoping I can find the pellon product - the JoAnns near me doesn't carry it yet. BTW - your bowl buddies look really nice with those bowls!

  4. Great idea. I love that you made a matching trivet. I'll add this to my list.

    Hope to see pictures of the Hello Kitty set. I'm sure it will be adorable.

  5. You've really made it special by going to extra effort to make it a set. Very nice! I hope to make more of them this fall, as Christmas/thank-you gifts to the many volunteers in my life.

  6. Great idea - I will have to see if I can buy the Wrap N Zap Pellon in Australia ... I would like a set for myself

    1. CatNCart Craft, you can order online from either Hobbylobby.com ($9.99 minus a 40% coupon $6.00) or joann.com ($4.99 minus a coupon $3.99) Both are size 36" X 45"

  7. I made a small, medium and large Bowl Buddy for a Mom To Be, labeled them as 'Momma Bear', 'Poppa Bear' and 'Baby Bear' and included brightly colored ceramic bowls.

  8. I found bowls at Walmart to exactly fit my Bowl Cozies. They are clear and go with any colors you make plus they are only $1.00 each. They are 6" across and fit my cozies perfectly.


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