Wednesday, April 4, 2012

They are done and ready for the mail

Got home from walking the dog last night to find MJ on the phone with his mother.  While I love that she loves my work and showing off my work I could do with a few less requests for samples of my work. Yes she showed the nurse at her doctors office her pouch and yes she was calling to see if I could make a couple of more.

I think I need to get them all into the mail tomorrow before she visits anyone else.  Now mind you these are her buds in Florida.  She comes back to NJ in May and has already started a list.

I thought before I sealed them up in the box I needed a picture of them all.


  1. My you have been busy! They are all wonderful!

  2. Very nice! You made a Mitzvah!

  3. I love them all! I'm such a sucker for lots of little bags. Maybe I'm a secret bag lady! hee,hee,hee.

  4. I love the little pouches. I wish I was on the receiver list for the one of your darling pouches.

  5. Nice pouches, very nice DIL. I am the mother of an MJ. I need to talk to my DIL about these DIL duties!

  6. Very cute little bags, they are good for so many things. I've been having fun making them as well.


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