Monday, December 12, 2011

gifts for the group

We have 14 coworkers in out group.  P and I try to give everyone something small to celebrate Christmas. Most years there is some home made item included.  We generally start putting some cash away every week starting July 1. Then around Thansgiving we figure out what we are going to do based on the number of staff members we have.  This year we decided on gift cards for Dunkin Donuts.

Well of course we couldn't just give them gift cards.  So I whipped up 14 Rice Bags.  Some of the staff received Rice Bags for Christmas several years ago and I have heard suttle comments about how old they were getting.

Then we needed gift bags for the rice bag and gift card.

I didn't realize how much Christmas fabric I had in my stash.  Some of it I don't even remember purchasing.  It does make for a great bag.  I made the bags large enough for them to be used for something like wine bottles.

I made P a sweat shirt with a pouch.  Well I purchased the swear shirt and added a holiday pouch to the front like on a hoodie. If you see my blog of 12/5 I have the one I made for me and another friend posted.  It's really a simple process and it adds so much to an everyday sweat shirt.  I added a white turtle neck and it makes a super gift. Try it you'll love it.

Tomorrow is gift day at the office.  I hope all are pleased.

I will be doing a tutorial on December 26 for the rice bags at


  1. Very cool gift bags!

    I'm thinking of heading in that direction and keep a little wrapping paper out of the landfills...

  2. Selina - we must be on the same wavelength. I also made fabric gift bags for my workmates. As I was giving handmade gifts it seemed wrong to put them into purchased bags ... I have yet to make the ricebags, but there is still time

  3. do you have apattern for the sweatshirt with the pouch pocket,it would be cute to put in a matching faric bag,

  4. love the idea of making bags out of fabric...cute and soo reusable...found you via quiltstory!

  5. Saw your tutorial over at Sew We Quilt. Love this great idea for the rice bags. TFS


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