Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Presents Delievered

This is coming to you from Disney World.  We are have been having a great time with some friends and family. Sadly they all left this morning but we made the best of our time together.

I am now able to post about a couple of gifts I made for my friend J for Christmas.  She reads my blog so posting pictures in advance was a no no. Actually she saw a gift for another friend and she was wondering if it was hers or not.

I particiapated in a quilt along in October and the end result was this table runner for J's home.

When I participated in The Ghastlie Blog Hop I jazzed up a sweatshirt with a customized pocket/pouch and thought it would make a great Christmas present if I used a seasonal fabric for the pocket.

Here we are modeling. Not the greatest of pictures but you get the idea. We were rushing off to a parade and fireworks.

My birthday is at the end of the month.  When we all get together we celebrate the birthdays that are the closest. It was my turn.

We're now off to enjoy more of our time here in Sunny Florida.  Back to Jersey on Thursday.

Take care.

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