Friday, September 9, 2011

Ghastlies - 1st post

Now that I have an idea I sit patiently waiting for my fabric to arrive by mail. Fat chance.

yesterday I had to go to my FQS to pick up some support fabric for my idea.  It was so much quicker to go there then shop in my stash. 

There are days when my tunnel vision scares me.  I know about the Ghastlies through blogs.  I ordered my fabric on line. Why it never occured to me to look for it in my quilt shop I don't know.  So when I asked if they had any I was totally shocked that they had some. More shocking ( more tunnel vision) was that it came in green background.  It was all they had in stock. It didn't matter cause I love it.

Since it doesn't work with my original idea and the new fabrics,  I had to come up with another idea.  See you at the hop.

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  1. Lucky find at the local shop. Can't wait to see what ideas you come up with for the blog hop.


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