Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Give It A Whirl - March Blog Hop

 As soon as I saw the title of this months hop I knew where I wanted to start a project.  I wanted to make a child's quilt using this whirly gig 3D block.  I have no idea if that is it's real name but its working today.

Way in the back of my brain I thought I had made this block before but couldn't find any evidence of it.  I did find a quilt with a 3D bow tie block which I'm guessing is what was floating around in my head.  Problem was figuring out how to make the 3D pin wheel version.

I did find a few versions on Pinterest and went from there to a wonderful quilt top. 

The block was really easy and quick to make.  I wanted to make all the whirly gig parts from dotted fabrics.  I was able to find all of the fabric for this quilt in my stash. 

I now have a  new mental issue ( for about a week now), how do I quilt this without loosing the 3D effect.  I am writing this the evening before I'm due to post.  I have the finished top and 

a sandwiched quilt but not a finished quilt. 

When I realized this morning that I didn't have a finished project I decided I had to at least whip up a completed mug rug from the left overs.

Well a 3D whirly mug rug is not a safe piece of quilting to place a full mug or glass on, just a tad wobbly.

So I turned it into one very ginormous pin cushion. It's a 8.5 inch square that's about 4.5 inches high. Well if nothing else I have Given This Hop A Whirl and had a whole lot of giggles.

Well I am now heading to my quilting space to give this one more shot.  I will add the photo of how far I got before I go to bed / or hit the publish button.

9:30 PM 3/18    Well the best laid plans..... I thought I'd start the quilting process by filling a couple of bobbins and starting a new spool of thread.   Somewhere along the line I hit something and my machine just didnt want any part of me.  Turned the machine on and off about 4 times and rethreaded it 3 or 4 times and nothing.  One last time 45 minutes after starting and it ran beautifully but by then I was done.

Oh well it happens to all of us at one time or another and we get up tomorrow and start again.

Thanks to Carol for coming up with this great idea for a Hop.  I know I will be loving this piece by weeks end.

I am adding a full list of the participants in this hop so you can see how the rest of our creative minds are working.   Hope to see you next month and maybe, just maybe I'll sneak in a picture of this finish in that post.

Have a great month and for those who celebrate, Have a Happy Easter.


Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Those dot prints make the cutest pinwheels. Love them all together. You're right about a 3D pinwheel on a mugrug. How would I ever expain that the spilled wine glass wasn't my fault! LOL!! I hope your machine is happier today. I had one of those days yesterday.

  2. Great minds think alike on our pinwheel idea, but I didn't think of a giant pincushion...you win! LOL I love the idea of using up some stash on these because yours looks so cute. Having our machines argue with us is totally unacceptable, but it happens. I'm glad you got it back in working order. Thanks for the smiles this morning and for sharing your whirlies with us! xo

  3. Can't wait to see how you decide to do the quilting. Your big pin cushion is adorable.

  4. Lovely! When you see my post tomorrow, you will see how I decided to quilt mine—I used 3D pinwheels too! It wasn’t easy to decide what to do… Thanks for sharing!

    1. I don’t know why my comment is anonymous. I am Carol K at Just Sew Quilter.

  5. Great quilt, and great pincushion!

  6. the pin cushion is amazing and so is the quilt.

  7. You have a lot of dots in your stash! Your quilt is great! And I love the pincushion! It's a great size! And I can see that the pinwheels might be a great place to put those clips instead of having them by the machine and then falling on the floor and then stepping on them and then .... well, I'm rambling! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love that dotted pinwheel quilt, and the gi-normous pincushion too. I hate it when my sewing machine gives me problems, so I'm glad that yours started to cooperate again.

  9. this was a great idea, and the dits are perfect. I wish I knew how to make these too. Maybe I will go on a search

  10. 3D pinwheels are just to cool. Love the pincushion version.

  11. I think I would spill my coffee and tea too. Great thinking turning it into a pin cushion. Lovely quilt too.

  12. oh another 3D pinwheel quilt!! I love how all of ours are so pretty and different! Great idea to make a pincushion - I think I might have a block leftover too - now I need to go make one!!! xx

  13. That is a beautiful 3D pinwheel quilt. That is one on my to-do list. I love how the pincushion really shows off the 3-D part of the design.

  14. Very cute pinwheels, Selina! 3D is fun, especially for a kid's quilt. I like your pillow too. But gosh, sorry to know about your sewing machine problem. Gremlins, right? I hope it's working tip-top by now. My machine is being serviced, so I am always grateful to have a back-up machine (or two). :-)

  15. This is such a fun block and so many pretty colors. You probably threw the timing off on your machine and you may want to have it serviced. Once we are into the TRUE spring - I am taking half the 'herd' in for annual service. The other half goes in the fall.

  16. These are so cute, Selina! I love the pinwheel pincushion too!

  17. Great projects. I think I'm gonna have to use that block to make a quilt after seeing yours.

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