Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Turkey Trot Blog Hop

 Ideas for this hop turned out to be way more difficult then I ever imagined.  I guess I'm not that much of a Thanksgiving person so ideas just weren't happening.  I usually have my post ready several days before my scheduled day.  I am writing this last night.

Well my first idea is more of a fall thing not a Turkey thing.  I tripped over this idea somewhere on the great internet several weeks ago.  At first I didn't have it in mind for this hop but as a gift for the folks who are graciously feeding us on Thanksgiving.  

When I saw the design I had a plan to make the bottom section scrappy but when I went to pull fabric I found these 2 fat quarters that were perfect.  I used a double layer of tinsulate so they can be used as pot holders or hot pads.  The only trouble I had was that I left the stem top open for turning and it was a bear to fit 2 layers of fabric and 2 layers of tinuslate through that tiny space. I succeeded after much tugging and swearing.

My original plan when I was cutting them out was to make one orange and the other green. Once I started to pin them together I thought it would be a good idea to make them reversible.

Yes deep down I know I didn't have to have a turkey to participate in this hop but once my brain locks onto  a concept much  like that a Turkey Trot hop should have a turkey I have a problem redirecting.  I spent a ridiculous  amount of time hunting down something just a little different.  I found a couple of ideas on Creative Fabrica and decided that this one was perfect for my table.  

Can't you just see it on my table surrounded with the leftovers I will be bringing home with me from our friends?

A couple of weeks ago I attended a mini retreat for Cricut users where one of our projects was etching this glass pie plate.  While this dish is not a quilting project it has been photographed with a quilt back as its background (that counts, right?) and it does express my feelings about this holiday season.  

It also expresses my feelings for all of you, my blogging buddies.  Wishing you all a Happy and Food Filled holiday.

Below is the list of all of the participants in this Turkey Trot.  I know you will be thankful if you stop by and visit each of them and leave a little note of thanks.

Thanks also to Joan and Carol for taking these hops on and for keeping the fun happening for next year.

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Wednesday November 15

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  1. Great projects! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I love your acorn potholders, even though they were a bear to make! LOL!! Your turkey hot pad is really fun and will fit right in with that table full of food. I've etched glases before, but never thought about a pie plate. What a great gift idea! You always get me thinking!!!

  3. The acorn potholders are wonderful! Great hostess gift for sure!

  4. Well, you certainly made up for a late start by doing so many cute things. I thought the potholders were really sweet and I like that you planned them 'reversible'. I wonder how raw-edge would work so you wouldn't have to turn them. The rope trivet with the machine embroidery was adorable and the saying was so darn cute. Your plate is perfect, too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your acorns turned out so cute! I know that it is difficult pulling through a small opening. Been there, done that.

  6. Trying to turn all that fabric through that tiny hole would have me swearing right along with you (I know this from my own experience.) They did turn out really cute, though! I did etching on glass years ago and had fun doing it. Your plate turned out great and would look even better with a slice of Thanksgiving pie on it. As always, your machine embroidery projects are the this one! Thank you, Selina, for sharing your beauties and being my blog friend for so many years! xo

  7. Love the acorns! Perfect to have on hand for Thanksgiving

  8. What a great idea for the acorns! They turned out really cute, and I like that they're reversible!

  9. Cute acorns! I've found myself doing just that--trying to find something different but I think in the end we should just do what we WANT to do :o)

  10. reversible hot pads is a fantastic idea ... and they are so cute!! Thanks for sharing!
    quilting gail

  11. Happy Thanksgiving! I really like your cute acorn hot pads.


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