Friday, October 22, 2021

Ghastly Ghouls Blog Hop

 Welcome, welcome, welcome foolish mortals to this our Ghastly Ghouls Blog Hop being  coordinated by our lead witch, Miss Carol.

I've been blogging since March of 2011. One of the earliest blogs I participated in was The Ghastly Blog Hop in October of that year.  I was as extreme overachiever for that event.  I had something like 8 different ideas most of which were made in multiples and shown over and over again. (I've slowed way down over the years, this year only 5 different items, tee hee)

My favorite piece from that hop was this sweat shirt that I upgraded for the event with a fully lined pocket on the front and the sleeve for the cool NJ fall.

Or maybe it was the quilt.  Either way I still have them both and they come out to visit this time of year, every year.

Well when this Hop was announced I went hunting for my Ghastly scraps.  My niece who I mentioned back in 2011 had her birthday last week and I thought she might enjoy a new piece of Ghastly to celebrate with.  This is a Machine Embroidered piece using the free design from Kreative Kiwi

The design comes in 4 sizes and was really easy to whip up. This is the largest version.

The pattern has the option to add a pocket for a gift card.  I have made a couple that way but when I went to add it to this Ghastly gift box I didn't have a scrap of fabric that I could get to match my front or back choice and I didn't want to take away from them.  I included the gift in an envelope. It worked.

While I was in the Kreative Kiwi site I tripped over another freebie. This one was for machine embroidered redwork haunted houses.

Couldn't pass them up.  There are 10 diffferent designs. Each worked up in 3 - 4 minutes.  I stitched them all out without a plan. They were all so cute I needed to make something using them all.

I can't decide what I want to do with it, table runner or wall hanging.

Fun fact about this runner is that I didn't have the oomph to hand stitch the binding down.  It is currently being held in place with Elmer's glue.  My best guess is so long as it works it will never be hand stitched.

And then because I can never do one of something and these were so quick to stitch out I had to try a couple of my more traditional quickie projects.

Again no oomph so the opening on the mug rug is also closed with Elmer's help.  

And of course what collection of mini projects would be complete without a pin cushion

The opening on the pin cushion is closed with a pin (not the first and surely not the last that I complete that way).

And then last but not least are my Halloween greeting cards. 

Stitched the designs directly on the card stock.  Then added the Happy Halloween in permanent vinyl and colored in the bat and moon with colored pencils.

I now live in a huge retirement community and have gone from 400 trick or treaters to 0.  I am considering  my ideas in this hop as my idea treats going out to you my new trick or treaters. Please have fun pondering what you can do with my ideas and the ideas of all of the participants.

I am gathering all sorts of ideas for future projects on this hop.  Here is a list of all of the players. You'll be so glad to visit them all.



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  1. All of your projects are great! I totally understand not having the oomph to finish something. I was that way with binding till I finally just decided to machine bind everything. I love the greeting cards. I've been wanting to make some but just haven't made it that far yet. Thanks for sharing all your makes!

  2. I love all of your projects! I especially like the postcards and pin cushion--wonderful, quick projects. I know how you feel about those last finishing touches--not always easy to tackle them. You had a clever solution. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your embroidered projects are all great! I love the first one with the bow on top.

  4. All of these are great projects!! I really love the embroidered ones and especially the pincushion!! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas with us!!

  5. Lol, I LOVE Elmer. He comes to visit me often in my sewing room. Love all your projects.

  6. Oh, you have cut back on blog hop projects. Lol, only 5? And every one of them is over the top! Great ideas and inspiration, thank you!

  7. So many fun projects. Thanks for sharing them all.

  8. It doesn't look like you have cut back! You really made some amazing creations for this hop and there is no way for me to pick a favorite. The Ghastlie fabric with the bow is so cute and the pincushion is wickedly awesome! You rock that embroidery stuff and I always tell myself I need to drag out my machine to make something like you do. Thank you for sharing all of these!

  9. Well, for someone who has slowed down, I sure can’t keep up with you! 😂😂😂. I love your Ghastlie projects and I’m feeling another Ghastlie quilt coming on, now that I’ve seen yours. Thanks for sharing the info for the embroideries too! I see so many projects on my plate again😜

  10. Adorable projects, my you were ambitious! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I remember and participated in the original Ghastlies Blog Hop all those years ago. So naturally I read this “Ghastlie Ghouls Blog Hop” thinking it was once again a Ghastlies theme. Surprise! Not. But still fun anyway. Of course I love your Ghastlie boxes the best. They’re so cute. All those embroidered haunted houses are also so cute. I love the idea of making cards from the stitched designs. I’m satisfied that at the end of this blog hop I actually got to see some original Ghastlie projects. Ha! Thanks!

  12. Wow! You've been busy with Halloween projects. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow so many awesome projects. Thanks for sharing. I love your ghastlie's quilt from 2011. The embroidery is awesome too. Such great ideas to make them into cards.

  14. Wow! Thank you for sharing all of these terrific Halloween projects!

  15. You have cut back to 5, eh? :D I really like all your projects, specially the pincushion and the cards.


  16. All perfect Halloween projects. Wow, you have been in the Blog Hops for many years. They are always so much fun.

  17. My 1st time visiting your blog- Thanks to Carol and the Ghastly Ghouls blog hop. We are kindred souls- I have many more short cuts than most but don't feel the least bit guilty about it. Loved your blog. CA Bobbie

  18. So many cute projects, Selina. I couldn't select a favorite but I do love the pin cushion.

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  21. Love all the embroidery. Great projects!

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  23. I'm a bit late with praise for your work Selina! You're really getting your money's worth from your embroidery machine. I'm encouraged by your exuberance for your craft!
    Love you lady and miss you much!!
    June - NC

  24. The Ghastlie fabric with the bow is so cute and the pincushion is wickedly awesome!

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