Monday, November 4, 2019

busy bee

This post is mainly to document what I've been up to that didn't  get posted.  I'm thinking that most of this was on my IG posts but maybe not so here goes.

In September and October I made  lots of pin cushions

                        along with many, many others participating in the #teenytinypinnieparade

I posted one a day for 3 - 4 weeks.  They are all 3 inches or less in size.

My quilt guild had a retreat in October and even though I wasn't physically there I was there in spirit.

one of the group projects was the 10 minute table runner 

they also had a jelly roll race

I made a couple of these sweet bags from #tinkalongtotepattern

the first one I made from scraps front and back

the next one I made from fabric that I used a sashiko embroidery pattern from designs by juju

for the front and back,  Yes the tote has a draw string close.

sneak peek

I have been working on another project that will be revealed in next weeks blog hop

I took an embroidery class and made this hot plate about 9 inches square

took what I learned at class home and came up with the tree version there is a pocket on the back to hold a tile

saw that @tinkerellen had come out with another sweet pattern

this one is for a needle minder, I used the pattern as another outlet for some
of my vast collection of scraps


I think that gets me mostly through October.  

Next Monday, Nov 11 I will be posting more goodies for the 

Stitch It ans Gift It

Blob Hop which runs all of next week. I am posting on day 1 and will have a list of everyone who is creating for the event

Hope to see you then.


  1. You have SO many makes! What are you doing with all those pin cushions?! And your totes? I sure admire everything you make, but I'm really wondering how you stash or share them.

  2. looks pretty, maybe it can be sold and make money

  3. You have made many gifts! This is an awesome way to use scraps! Love the needle minders and the embroidered hot pad!

  4. Awesome article! Thank you for this article.


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