Monday, August 19, 2019

All Caught Up

I believe that this post brings me up to current on projects.  Yahoo

This throw has been waiting for months to be quilted. It is a disappearing 9 patch and it has disappeared to my sisters bed. She saw it on the shelf and thought it deserved a better life and to be loved.

I have been dabbling in Sashiko lately.  Mostly I have been following traditional designs.  I thought it would be fun to do my own thing.  I rummaged around an found a chunk of a cheap cotton canvas drop cloth I originally used as a table cloth. After a couple of uses on the table and a few wine stains I started to chop it up and use it for various projects

This was a perfect project for this type of work.
Since Sashiko is based on mending and reusing/repurposing I thought I was close to being on track.

 I drew 2 lines and several stars on the canvas and went at it.

This was a watch TV or sit in a doctors office kind of project.  The lines are just to keep me on track not to keep the stitches even just generally straight.

This is the type of drop cloth I use.  I pick them up at Harbor Freight periodically.  They wash and dry beautifully.  That's 4 ft by 12 ft and I paid under $10.  Can't loose at that rate. I'm pretty sure I paid $7.95 with a coupon.

And this is the end result.  I did line it so that I could use it for any and everything without damaging the stitches from the inside.

Just some added cuteness.  Yes she is on a pillow, but it is her pillow (for a change) not mine.

My local guild chapter periodically has project meetings.  Last week 2 of our members did a hands on demo of a tutorial found on MSQ

I made mine a bit larger than the demo but for me it will be a more useful size.

You make the tote part as one long unit that folds in half and gets side seams and a boxed bottom quilting as you go.

I showed a friend and she asked me to make one for an upcoming Honor Flight event that she will use as part of a gift basket.

So I made hers in Red, White and Blue.

They took me just under 4 hours each to make.

I then made zip pouches from the left over scraps. I used the same quilt as you go principle for the fronts as I used on the tote

The backs were just left over chunks.

The pattern I used is an In the Hoop pattern from
Easy Zipper Bag 2

It contains 6 size variations.  I took this picture on the cutting mat so you could see 3 of the sizes. Lets call the pale colored one number 6, it's the largest.  The next one down would be number 4 and the bottom one is number 3.  My number 5 left with my sister and I haven't gotten to numbers one and 2 yet.  They are fully lined and have no raw edges.  Very quick and easy to whip up.  You just have to close the turning seam on the inside bottom. I hand stitched mine but the pattern suggests using some type of tape.

Well I believe I am all caught up for the moment. Looking forward to checking back with you all soon.  In the mean time take care. 


  1. My goodness but you’ve been a very busy stitcher.
    Lucky for that quilt your sister spotted it before it sunk deeper into the quilt top abyss! LOL. Nice save. I like the colors.
    Your sashiko project looks wonderful. I no longer have much patience for hand stitching. I don’t watch TV and it’s difficult to hand stitch and read a book at the same time. Listening to an audio book doesn’t work either. It’s like TV, my mind starts to wander then I need to rewind. LOL
    The totes also are great! I love black, white and red. The little pouches also are terrific. Your generosity for the Honor Flight is commendable. I’m feeling like such a slacker! LOL

  2. You have some wonderful finishes! Aren't the in the hoop zipper bags great? They work up so quickly and make nice gifts. I especially like the ones from Pickle Pie that offer the option to put on an initial.

  3. I've wanted to try the Sashiko stitching, but I wanted the sewing machine that does it so I don't have to hand sew. Yours looks beautiful! Thanks for the idea of buying the dropcloths...way cheaper. Cute dog, love the bags and pouches, and pretty quilt. You are such a busy lady!

  4. Love your bags! I enjoy doing Sashiko, haven't done any for ages... you are on a roll with getting things done! xx


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