Friday, September 21, 2018

Catching up on Quilty Projects

Searching for something in my photo gallery and just realized that I've been amazingly productive this past month in and around the Welcome to My House hop and should probably get these pics posted before I totally loose track of them.

Starting with my most current and working backward through my my photo gallery would be

#1 Zip Pouch

I had an idea to make a zip pouch as the packaging for my niece's upcoming birthday gift.  Somewhere in the past couple of weeks I saw a pouch with a really long zipper that turns into the strap. Never made note of where I saw this or how it may have been done.  Searched google and pinterest with no luck

So I'm very sorry that I can't give credit and sorrier still that I didn't have a pattern to follow for getting that zipper done.  I'm sure it could have been done faster than how I muscled through it.

It is the result that counts and I am tickled with it.  The raw edge applique pattern is from Minki Kim's new book Diary in Stitches    I also did some quilting using my Quilting foot for some practice.  You can hardly see it because I did it in black but from the back I can see how I'm improving.

#2 Small Animal Kennel Quilts

Requests are now coming in for help at shelters helping with overflow from Florence. These have gone to Tennessee.  The requests come through Quilt Pattern Magazine and Petfinder Follow the link for details and patterns and how you can join the team.

#3 Quilts for Heart Builders

Being retired with a considerable stash does allow me to help several organizations throughout the year.  I am on a Heart Builders team where I make quilt tops, some fabric is sent to me, some from my stash.  I do my top and forward it to my team captain for quilting and distribution to a childrens organization that has been choosen somewhere in the country.  I completed 2 last week, the first with the panel was fabric sent to me by the group. I added the beige border to make it a bit larger.

the second was made with scraps  and a little stash

#4 Disappearing 9 Patch

The scraps from this quilt were used for #3 above. I took a Member to Member class offered by TQGOTV.  Got all of the blocks done at the class and about half of the top. Came home and finished the top. It has joined the pile of tops waiting for inspiration to be quilted.

#5 Pin Cushion

This sweet little pincushion was made for a very supportive friend.  Another pattern by Minki Kim.

#6 House gift for New Home Owners

Good friends of ours moved into a new home here in sunny Florida earlier this month.  They have several sets of my placemats but I felt the new house required new place mats in their favorite colors and my currently favorite, tumbler blocks

and while I was at it a new table runner

and why not use the scraps for tumbler shaped coasters.

Yes, they were a complete success.

I feel much better now.  The reason I originally started to blog was to keep track of what I have done in my crafting (quilting) life.  Blogging has evolved to much more in my life but I still like to keep track.

I need to run a few errands but then back to the sewing space for work on the next postings. Yeah, I have several projects started and scattered around the room fighting for my attention. (don't we all)

Til next time.


  1. You’ver Certainly been busy at your machine. So wonderful that you have the time and resources to make donation quilts. I’m sure the quilts are very much appreciated and so are YOU. You really are having a great time with your tumbler blocks. You are lucky to have friends who appreciate your sewing skills.

  2. You have been very productive!! I adore the little pincushion!!

  3. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!



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