Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Successful Road Test for the New Machine

I have spent much of the past month road testing my new sewing machine.  It is wonderful.  Now I still love my Bernina but she is over 10 years old.  New machine has new bells and whistles. Fun to play with.

First up is this wonderful quilt based on the pattern Supernova from Sarah over at Confessions of a fabric addict. 

Stunning results from such an easy block. All HST in various shades of green.  Hers is in shades of Orange. Go check it out.

I don't generally make quilts for myself but I fell in love with this one.  It's currently with a very talented local long arm quilter.  I see it hanging on my dining room wall in the not to distant future.

Next up is this star quilt. It is actually the same pattern as the red,white and blue quilt in my previous post but this time I extended the whole quilt by 2 rounds to have finished star points.

This was a tough quilt to photograph.  The background is not as light as the photo above and not as dark as the one below.  I included the one below for the background which didn't show up at all in the sunnier pictures.

This quilt is destined for H2H 2017  see the button.

I am a member of MQG.  While quilt con was happening MQG sent digital goodie bags to its members. The pattern for this quilt "STAX" was included.  Another fun, fast project.

Another back that didn't do well in the sun.

Last but not least, my sister issued a challenge for St Patty's day placemats for my annual corned beef and cabbage dinner for 8.

 Oh, the background fabric is the left over fabric from the back of the quilt above.

I made 6 with the mouse and 2 more, just plain to be used either as placemats or hot pads. I generally have 6 for Sunday dinner so 2 plain sounded like a good idea.

I love them front and back.   Yes I do plan on using them throughout the year.  I figured that the fabric on the back would be perfect for dinners containing tomato sauce.  Not that my quests are sloppy or anything.

Hope your St. Patricks day was as fun as ours was.  I still have left overs for tonights dinner, yum.


  1. I saw the placemats on your IG and just love them!

    You have really been giving your new sewing machine a good test run. You've made some lovely quilts. I like your Supernova in green.

  2. Boy, when you give a sewing machine a test, you really run it through the paces! Everything looks wonderful! That Supernova is stunning. I'd keep that one too. The star quilt also looks fantastic. STAX also looks beautiful. I don't know that I'd ever would have thought those colors and I really like them. Your placemats are so cute.

  3. I'm happy to know you're enjoying your new sewing machine. I know how you feel about having a Bernina that's more than 10 year old. After sewing on a Bernina 770 during a QuiltCon workshop, I'd like to get that machine! Can't justify the cost though, especially since a dealership won't take a Bernina 440 in trade. In any case, I love all the things you're making, especially that green quilt. How appropriate to make that in 2017 when the Pantone color of the year is green! It will look great hanging on a wall. Love your STAX quilt too, and those adorable green Mickey mouses. You're just too creative!

  4. I love the starburst pattern. Will use it soon.

  5. Thanks for all you've done for H2H this year - and I LOVE your Supernova!!

  6. From the title, I thought the article was actually about actual road test :)

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