Friday, January 8, 2016

Q1 FAL 2016 Goals

This is my first time participating in FAL.  I have several projects that I would like to get finished sooner rather than later so I thought I'd join up. So in the order I would like to see these projects finished let my list begin:

This is the last of my 2015 Christmas presents. It is for 1 very old and patient friend. She follows my blog so I can't say what these fabrics will end up as but hopefully they will have purpose soon.

Baby quilt for my cousin's 1st grand child, who was born last month. Needs to be sandwiched, quilted bound and mailed.

These are my blocks for the 365 Project.  I started on January 1, so I am right on time with this as of today. Hoping by quarter end I have 90 blocks hanging on this wall.

These 16 inch tall tulip blocks by  Michelle Engel Bencsko for Cloud 9 Fabrics, are to be the center pieces to 2 doll quilts that will be 24 inch square.  They will be matched up with hand made dolls created by the local chapter of the  Giving Dolls, Inc. a  group who makes dolls for children in need around the world. To date they have donated more than 30,000 dolls.

 NO Picture - I am participating in the Quilt Doodle Designs - BOM 2016   .  January is done. My goal is to have February and March done by quarter close.

NO Picture - I am signed up with the   MIghty Lucky Quilt Club    This month we are doing a project learning to creatively quilt using bias tape.  I know I will have 3 different projects, by different very talented quilters, 1 per month of which I hope to get at least 1 done.  This is a new area for me. So I won't be racing through in my ususal Devil may care way.

This is a knitting project.  I try and make a few helmet liners each year for the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc.  I'd like to get at least this one done and a second started this quarter.

While I know this list is very doable at the moment I also know that my biggest problem is getting side tracked. I'm hoping that participating in this FAL will keep me somewhat focused.


  1. Wow, I thought your list would never end. LoL. That list would not be doable for me, so I bow to you! Good luck and have fun!

  2. Yes, that's what I am hoping too. Your list is full of lovely of luck

  3. Hey, you did the 'garden fence' design. Nice rendition. Good luck with your list.

  4. A lovely list of fun makes. Best of luck with finishing!


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