Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Traveling Crafter

This has been a busy week at our house. Nettie had to have some eye surgery yesterday.  She had Entropion on the lids of both eyes top and bottom.  This means all of her eyelashes turned in to her eye and were scratching her cornea every time she blinked. Surgery went very well.

What this event meant was that Nettie and I went up the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital in Gainsville on Tuesday afternoon for pre op evaluation  and she was back there on Wednesday morning at 7:30 for surgery.

Gainsville is about an hour and a half drive from here so we opted to stay overnight a couple of miles from the hospital at an animal friendly Marriott Residence Inn.

Considering her stress level, she was able to make herself right at home.

They weren't sure if she would be released the day of surgery or not so I took the room for 2 nights.

This meant packing for me to be busy so I wouldn't be worrying about the dog all day.

I packed enough stuff to keep a small army busy.

3 Knitting projects
1 Crocheting project

1 Nook loaded with over 250 books on it
2 Small books, the old fashioned kind made with paper

1 Sewing Machine and its parts
1 Iron and Ironing board

a stack of fabric
cutting board, rotary cutter and ruler.

and 1 change of clothes.

I did read while I was in the waiting areas at the hospital
I crocheted while in bed watching TV
and I cut out an entire Christmas project while waiting for word that she was out of  surgery

I opted not to start sewing because by then I knew she was being released at 5 and I knew I wouldn't get a chance to finish sewing the project on that machine.  The project would have too many seams for me to want to switch machines mid way.

So I did a tiny bit of shopping while I was getting lunch

I love Red shoes.

We are home and she (we) is adjusting to the collar.  It's really hard on a dog with a pushed in face.  The collar is really long so she can't reach her eyes with her paws but that means she can't reach her food and water. We are learning so many ways to work around the thing that will be part of our lives for the next 2 plus weeks.

She has figured out how to get on and off the couch and spent the day comfy cozy watching TV with Michael.


  1. Poor Nettie. I hope her healing is quick and all is well.

  2. Love both fashion statements - red shoes and dog collars.

  3. Hope doggie is feeling better every day. Girl, that would be enough packing of stuff to do for a couple of months for me! hahaha

  4. Poor baby. A couple of week might just feel like a couple of years to her! Hope all is well soon!

  5. Precious little girl. So glad everything went well. Sending light, love and hugs that she will be healed up soon.

  6. I think we all pack for overnighter the same! Glad Nettie is OK! And what Christmas project?

  7. I think we all pack for overnighter the same! Glad Nettie is OK! And what Christmas project?


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