Thursday, July 23, 2015

Christmas in July plus more pouches and a postcard

Yep, Christmas in July is what it says. This month The Quilt Guild of the Villages had a Christmas in July gathering expoing quilted Christmas ideas. They even had Christmas cookies.  There were some great ideas.  I came away with this one.

It is a reversible napkin

Here is my set of 4. 

Once I picked my fabrics and made a half circle template it took just over an hour to make the set of  4.

Sorry about the angle but this is what they open up to be.  It's an 18 inch diameter circle cut in half. I used freezer paper, my roll was 18 inches wide to start.  I would not recommend directional fabric.
Didn't think it through but you  fold these things at funky angles so your design gets a bit twisted..

Here are 2 different links for making them.

                                       I also made a couple more of the recessed zip pouches.

These were made from another JoAnns bundle.

Actually the same fabric designs as the green ones from last week but in grey.

Used some of the remaining green bundle for the lining.

Then I had a change of pace and took a class for making cards. 

A great evening .  We made 4 cards

in about 2 hours

A nice social outing.  Meeting new people and learning new skills.

OK now on to my fabric post card.  I actually made this card in June for a postcard swap.  I know it has been received so it is safe to post now.

The goal was to make a card that meant summer to you.  Watermelon says it all.

All in all a very productive week.


  1. Looks like you had a fun productive week. The cards are cute and the postcard is delightful.

  2. Busy bee up in the Villages! I absolutely LOVE the Christmas tree napkins. Thanks for sharing the links to that project.

    Yours look so professional, I'd like to try that sometime. And I love the summer postcard. Watermelon is all summer to me, too.

  3. Nice stuff here, Selina! Those tree napkins were presented a couple years ago, and are an ever-popular design. It's so good to see you delving into the different groups and clubs available in The Villages.

  4. I have made those tree napkins and love them , yours are sweet . Love your postcard , so summer !!

  5. I love your pouches. I have been really interested in making cards for awhile but haven't gotten up the nerve to buy materials to try it myself. I have a weird obsession with watching card making youtube videos though.

  6. Enjoyed seeing your cards. I was big into rubber stamping cards many years ago. I have way TOO many stamps and now I seldom bring them out to play. It always takes me so long to figure out what to make with them. Much easier just taking a class! Unfortunately I haven't found any around where I live now. Sigh. Probably better because no doubt I would be buying stuff that I do NOT need.

  7. Oh those tree napkins are so clever - and I love the colours you chose!

  8. Those are cute napkins. We made some at a retreat last year and they were a hit. Love your cards and the purses, too.


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