Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

This post is starting with a reprint of part of my June 14th posting about UFO's which covers the background for the end of the post. 

This is another lettuce container filled with pieces of a would be quilt. I find that these containers are perfect for storing small projects.  They are see through and stack well and are basically free.  

I think that I will be using this container full for a project for Margaret's Hope Chest.  Amanda Jean at
is hosting a QAL for this great organization.  

They are in need of boys quilts and this should be perfect.  I have no recollection of what these are 
leftovers from but they will be fun to  play with this week.  Hopefully I will have another completed UFO to show off next week.
Start of today's posting. not quite a week later but completed is completed.

If you have been reading along you know that I have not been doing much in the way of sewing in the last couple of weeks.  Well I started up again with gusto on Thursday evening.

I was so excited to be sewing I never actually thought through what it was that I was doing. I spent Thursday evening adding sashing to both sides of all 20 blocks.  Then I went into a full blown funk when I discovered I didn't have enough of the bright yellow strips to sash the bottom and top of the blocks.

Stuck a couple of the blocks on the wall and realized that I was only supposed to add the strip to one side of the block.  I went to bed a very unhappy quilter.

Friday evening I calmly ripped off the additionsl sides and low and behold I had enough to sash all the way around. DUH !

Saturday was a much better quilting day.  Got the top totally finished. I'm hoping that I will get it sandwiched and quilted this week.

Right on track for my August 1st commitment and another UFO brought to a happy completion.  All of the blocks and sashing fabric was in the lettuce container that I unearthed in my quilt room in May. I only nneded to add the cornerstones and border from my stash.  The HST were already done, they just needed to be trimmed to a uniform size.


  1. Whoo Hoo - I love this - aren't those containers great, I use them too. And amazing how all those 'collected' parts just pull all together for such a sweet quilt.

  2. Nothing like a good struggle to end up with a great quilt. It's always heartfelt to read when a quilter takes on the mistake challenge and comes out the winner. I very much know the feeling and have always been glad I went to the trouble of correcting things. Good for you!

  3. What a lovely quilt....yellow in my mind is always a happy colour and a ufo to be crossed off your list is one lovely accomplishment..

  4. Way to go! It's always nice to finish something as sweet as this quilt.

  5. Love this quilt, bright and happy. Well done

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