Saturday, June 14, 2014

UFO Completed

Last month I cleaned up my sewing room.  It was just full of surprises including several UFO's that I had completely forgotten about. Included in this group I rediscovered the D9P from the D9P QAL I joined in January 2013.  The QAL was suggested by Freda over at

This is how far I got in January 2013.

I believe this is how far I got in February 2013 when it became a WIP attached to my flannel tabelcloth.  It is 6 blocks from completion.  See the 6, 9 patches waiting to be cut up just hanging there waiting patiently to be included.  The question is when does a project go from WIP to UFO? 

Well I vowed to myself that some of the UFO's were going to be finished in the very near future.  So last weekend I took the sad little 9 patches off the wall and finished the top.  Tuesday night after work I sandwiched and started the quilting process.

Wednesday and Thursday evenings were spent finishing up the quilting and Friday night I did the binding.

It's done, it's done. So scary that I lost interest so close to the finish. The good news is that the end date for this particular QAL  as stated by Freda is "The end date will be when you finish".  I made it, big whoop whoop for me.

I did work on another UFO last week.  This one was a lettuce container full of black and white strips and red, green and yellow squares.  I know I put the strips in that container at least 2 years ago when my sister asked me to make this particular quilt for her.

It's a modified 1600 quilt. I thought that it would be great if I got it completely finished for her  summer birthday this year.  It would be done already but she wants to choose the backing.  I'm still hopeful I will be done in time.

This is another lettuce container filled with pieces of a would be quilt. I find that these containers are perfect for storing small projects.  They are see through and stack well and are basically free.  

I think that I will be using this container full for a project for Margaret's Hope Chest.  Amanda Jean at
is hosting a QAL for this great organization.  

They are in need of boys quilts and this should be perfect.  I have no recollection of what these are leftovers from but they will be fun to  play with this week.  Hopefully I will have another completed UFO to show off next week.


  1. Good for you! Totally a Whoop Whop. I like the variation JR race quilt.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your D9P quilt! It's fabulous and snugglious!

    I love the B&W + bright squares quilt too! What a great idea! Knowing you, it will be finished quickly once you get the backing. :)

    And a great big THANK YOU for the idea to repurpose clear plastic lettuce boxes for project storage!!! I was contemplating what/how I would store the tiny house blocks so they wouldn't "disappear".... et voila! The perfect idea!

  3. Great quilts, Selina! You finished that first one just under the wire, eh? lol I really love the black and white with the color squares...very cool looking!

  4. You are doing great with your UFOs Selina. Congratulations on the D9P finish. Your sister's quilt is going to be fab as well. I look forward to seeing what she chooses for tha backing.

  5. Congrats on your great finish , love the quilt . Your sister will be lucky to receive that pretty quilt as well . The lettuce container is a great idea for storage , clever :-)

  6. Congratulations on finishing up your is beautiful!

  7. oh O really love both of these quilts!!! great colors going on

  8. A great quilt! A great way to use scraps too!

  9. Well done, can you come and sort out my craft room too please - may take you a year or two!

  10. Wow, you've done great this week! Whoop whoop for some pretty finishes and new starts!

  11. Curious to know just how many WIP/UFOs you actually have? Always thought of you as a "finisher". I've read about the quilt program and have a gazillion yards of boy type fabrics to email you!!!
    June - NC

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