Saturday, March 22, 2014

PostCards - Hats and an almost Quilt Top

I received these 2 lovely "SPRING " themed post cards this week.

The Sunflowers are from Marie

and the sweet birds on the branch are from Fiona.

Both of these talented ladies are from Australia, so my post cards have some heavy duty mileage on them.  You would never know.  They both arrived unscathed. They actually look like they could have been hand delievered.

These are the postcards I designed and sent to them in return.  We all were participating in a SPRING THEMED post card swap organized by Sheila over at........
Thanks Sheila for another wonderful event.

I also whipped up these chemo caps for the local hospital.  I noticed that I had primarily been making hats for girls so I figured I would make a couple for the boys.

Next up on my todo list is this quilt top.  I just have to add the final border and make a back and quilt it. I need to get it at least as far as sandwiched by tomorrow night. I'm headed for the quilt room as soon as I hit the publish button.
Have a great week.


  1. Lovely postcards sent and received. Oh, love the grey scale quilt, tempting.

  2. Bless you for crocheting chemo hats. Lovely postcards. It is amazing how they arrive just fine. Spring Sunshine Smiles...

  3. Awesome postcards! You received beauties and I LOVE the flower postcards you made! They scream a beautiful Spring. So generous of you to make the caps, they look great. Great quilt top too.

  4. Lovely postcards from Maria and Fiona and the postcards you sent to,them are sweet as well . Thanks for taking part in the swap and for taking on two partners . Love your quilt !

  5. Adorable postcards you received Selina and I love the ones you made as well.

    I'm sure the "guys" will like their chemo caps. It is so special that you take the time to create for others.

    I love the quilt too. Hope you got into the quilt room.

  6. thank you Selina for being my partner. Just love my tulips.. thank you.
    what a wonderful way to help the folk have chemo..
    like your colour choice for your quilt.

  7. Hello Selina,

    What a great collection projects. The postcard exchange looks such fun, and it is so sweet of you to make the chemo caps. Funny how they turned out matching the latest quilt!

    Love from England,


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