Saturday, April 6, 2013

Busy start to April

I didn't realize how busy a week it's been until I looked at my pictures and realized that Easter was only 7 days ago.  Wow.

This wonderful baby quilt was a promise to my sister for a friends of her's.  She works with the mom, dad and grand ma.  Of course I committed to it months ago.  At Easter breakfast my sister reminded me that the baby was due this week.  

She was born on Thursday, quilt was started Sunday night and finished on Tuesday.  Good thing I had Tuesday off from work.
I just love this backing fabric. It was perfect.

The quilt is a baby quilt and it measured in at 38 by 45.  It was no particular pattern.

Now this quilt top is from Moda Bake Shop.
It's called the lawn chair quilt.  It is super easy and super quick.  It is designed to be made using Jelly Rolls.  2 Rolls of white and 1 roll of prints and you get 2, 54 x 75 inch quilts.  If you want to use this pattern READ ALL the WAY to the END.  The pictures don't actually match the instructions and it is explained at the end.
I used a half jelly roll from joanns and I sliced my own strips.  The cost difference was too much to justify the ease of using 2 plain white Jelly Rolls.  I cut all of the white strips for 3 seperate quilts last week and started to sew some of the strip sets together last Saturday around the bunnies. Finished it up Tues. Wed. and Thur. evenings after work.

This is a two handed oven mitt.  I found the tutorial here.
Saw the tutorial yesterday and had all of the parts on hand so what the heck give it a shot. The mitt itself was quick and easy, very clear instructions in the tutorial.

Making the template was a battle with my printer that in the end had no winner.  I took all of the pieces and taped them together and it worked just fine.  This is why I tend to print templates at work on the big machine.
I made my own bias binding, not bad. I did hand stitched the back down and that took more time then all of the rest of it.

Obviously I can't hang it on the stove in my house. I just put it there so you could get an idea of how big it is.  It measures 7 wide by 28 long. It's really hard to see the pockets for your hands.  They are the sections without quilting. They are about 6.5 deep.
I have to go now and make my Mug Rugs for the upcoming hop that starts tomorrow.  See the button up there on the right, April Showers.  I'm up on the 15th.  I've had my idea since day one, just have to get it from paper to fabric.
I'm good, I have a whole week.  ;-)


  1. Sweat baby quilt - great backing fabric! I saw that Moda pattern and thought hmmmm - glad you mentioned the error. My SIL loves to make potholders and mitts - so I am passing this link on to her - thanx.

  2. The baby quilt turned out darling! Congratulations on a great (and fast) finish!

    I'm liking that Moda Bakeshop quilt... smart and thrifty to cut your own white strips! I'd do the same...

    I'm going to have to check out that cool double oven mitt... would make a nice gift and shoot! I need one too!


  3. congratulations on the beautiful baby quilt start and finish! what an accomplishment :) love the backing too :) I really like that oven mitt and may have to make one for myself. Best wishes!

  4. Great baby quilt! And thanks for the links to the tutorials - i've always loved that MBS quilt - it's on my bucket list!

  5. Great baby quilt, and I love the lawn chair pattern.

  6. Love the lawn chair quilt! I have book marked your link for future use, Thanks!

  7. WOW you 've been busy! Love the mora jelly roll quilt.
    June -NJ

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  9. My goodness what fun sewing you've done - I'm jealous because I've gotten nothing at all done! blessings, marlene


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