Saturday, March 23, 2013

Misc Finishes

Things here are just settling down. 2 Blog hops that I really wanted to participate in, done.  Baby quilt for nephews baby's baby shower, done.  Vacation, done.  Next up is Easter.  No problem in my family, we all go out for brunch and I already have my outfit.

Got in from vacation on Thursday afternoon and found in my pile of mail the kit to make this wonderful postcard.

is where you will find the info about this pattern and kit. Shell at Raspberry Rabbits has come up with this pattern to share and has the kit to make it up available in her shop.

I sat down Thursday evening and managed to put the entire top together including all of the stitching. Friday evening I did the back which is just an inked postcard format and put the pieces to gether. My only disappointment is that stitching around the outside. Never did this type of thing before and probably should have done a practice piece but I'm so not a practice piece kind of gal.

                         Here it is on the mat so you can see the true size of the piece. 

This morning I took it to the post office and mailed it to a friend.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I so wanted to put it in an envelope.  I had a very understanding Postlady.  She was very careful with the stamps and the postmarking.   I'll know later in the week how it went. Fingers are crossed.

When I sandwich a quilt I use my King size bed as a staging area.  I roll out the batting, lay the top down and cut the size I need.  I was in a hurry the night I was working on getting the baby quilt quilted and left the roll on the bed and went back to the quilt room.

It was very quiet.  Not a peep out of the assistant.

She was very busy showing me how assistants use batting.  All of that chewing took place on the fold. Maximum chewing damage.  No picture of the assistant because she heard me coming and knew it was time to abandon the project. Lost the better part of 3 yards of the batting. I will salvage some small pieces but not happily.

I did manage to finish inspite of her. This was the last (I hope) of the snow. 

I was really happy with how it turned out.

Here is the simple back.  It so happens it matches the babies room perfectly. Dumb luck.
I'm not a big shower person but they did a fun if time consuming thing at this one.  They had plain onesies and bibs to decorate.  They had a pile of baby fabric scraps and fusible bond and a supply of stencils, cookie cutters and wooden shapes that we could trace onto the fusible cut out and iron onto the bibs and onesies.  Good memories.

This is a close up of the quilting I did.  I've seen it on several blogs of late.  It is the number 4 stitch on a Bernina, I think its for elastic maybe.  Anyway it is fun to do and very forgiving. I actually eyeballed it using the grid of the quilt as a guide line.

Oops this one got out of order.

I have picked three winners for my left over Nancy Drew fabric.  I've sent emails and will post about them once I have heard from all of them.


  1. What a darling post card! I love it! Your friend is one lucky person! The baby quilt turned out very well... I've used that stitch to quilt stuff before and like how it turns out! Looks good on the baby quilt. Congratulations on two great finishes!

    *not saying anything about your assistant and the batting*

  2. Super cute post card. Absolutely my favorite Easter/Spring theme post card ever. Love it.


  3. Did he actually EAT the batting? Like swallow it? Or was it just chewed? Too bad he had to pick the fold side too. Darn. That baby quilt is adorable. I've been reading blog posts about quilting with the Bernina #4 stitch too. Glad you tried it 'cause your quilting turned out lovely.


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