Monday, February 18, 2013

Sew busy Weekend

You know how you have a weekend with nothing on the schedule and then all &*+$ breaks loose? Well OK not that dramatic but I started the 3 day weekend with really nothing on my plate beyond weekend erands and eating. Saturday started out great, did a few errands, went out to breakfast, and did a few more errands. I hooked up with my sister and we went to visit mom for tea.  Wonderful slow paced day and then I got the mail.  

In the mail was an invitation to a baby shower taking place in 3 weeks. Yeah I knew this kid was coming and I knew I was going to make him a quilt but that was back in December and now we're past the halfway point in February.  I don't know how that happened. Since this is family I can't even buy my way out.

I'm participating in 2 blog hops between now and then and I have not actually started to sew for them yet. I do have plans on paper but no cutting or sewing started yet. Sew I took a deep, deep breath and we went out to dinner so I could think about this dilemma I got myself into.

Sew on a full stomach I came back and looked at the stash.  I found this great novelty fabric that had  a truck, car, helicopter, boat, plane and train , great little boy fabric. That was the up side the down side was that the block centers would have to be fussy cut.  Sew on Saturday night I did the cutting and put the inner border around the fussy cut squares.  I hope you can see the great fabric. It is white on white letters, super for a kid quilt.

On Sunday around Church, Food shopping and going out to breakfast (yes we eat out a lot on the weekend) I managed to get the entire top put together with the exception of the red outer border. I did make dinner and did fit in a nap. I finished up at about 9:30.  Just didn't have enough umph to cut the borders.  I can sew when I'm tired but cutting is too expensive to try with a fuzzy brain.

This morning I got up and before brushing my teeth I attached the border.  Top complete. Ta Da.
Sorry about the shadow in the pictures.  It was 20 degrees out and I just didn't have what it took to play in the cold.

I love the way it turned out.  Brights makes such a great baby quilt.  I quess one night this week  I will spend pinning it and next weekend quilting it and I'll have a week to spare for sewing down the binding just in case.

I hope to get shadow free pictures when it's actually complete.

Gotta run, I have lunch date to get ready for. yeah, more eating and I wonder why I can't loose weight.


  1. This one I 've got to make!!! And guess what? I already have the fabric!! What a great boy quilt and the best gift ever!!!

  2. Sometimes we need that urgent push to get us to create - and it turned out wonderfully!

  3. Gosh what you can achieve in a weekend, astounds me! It is a beautiful, bright quilt and I am sure will become a treasured gift. Love the panels and the way you have made the actual quilt ... brilliant

  4. Amazing quilt! I love your honest words about how u didn't brush your teeth until after you worked on the quilt top lol! Hilarious,but we all do it! I think.

  5. Oh!! I love this quilt! Want to go copy it RIGHT now!! LOL! Do you know how big it is? I think I need to begin making my baby quilts a bit bigger. ;)

  6. Hi Selina, from the Central Florida MQG. We love this bright quilt! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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