Friday, March 30, 2012

Very productive week

I had a wonderfully productive week.  I had 2 more child/baby quilts to do and I managed to finish one of them.   A friend's son had a very simple baby quilt that was his emotional favorite.  It had seen a lot of wear and tear and laundering, but while it survived all of that it could not survive the dog.

This is what she handed me to use as a pattern to what was.

As you can see once opened up it did give me a good idea as to what I was aiming at.  She supplied the fabric and I fudged a quilt as close to the original as I could with the patten(ha) and the fabric supplied.

These were the best photos I could get of the work I did.  It really was a very simple process but it made for one very, very happy boy.

After that I was on to finishing up the request of my MIL for small gifts for her drivers. The ones I included in my posting of 3/25 were made with large pieces from my stash.

I really love these 2.  They were made with scraps. 

The black and white scraps were from the back of a quilt I made as a Christmas gift and the pastels are from an Easter project I am currently working on.

All in all a great week.  Hopefully this weekend I will get to the last of the baby quilts.  I have the blocks done.  They were made with the left overs from my swoon quilt.  Should be able to finish by next weekend, I hope.


  1. Great pouches and the baby blanket, wow! Can't believe you got all of that from the tattered mound that was provided. You're good!

  2. I must say the quilt looks nothing like the bundle. Congratulations for being so inventive.

  3. I'll bet you are currently considered the quilt savior! You done good! Great bags too!

  4. Sweet bags, Selina! And how wonderful that you were able to replicate that very special blanket!! Whoop whoop!!


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