Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not exactly a quilt

I started blogging to keep track of my quilting life but I just had to post this knitting finish. 

I started this sweater/hoodie 3 plus years ago. I worked on it in fits and starts. First shot I did up to the top of the pouch, 6 months later I did the rest of the body, 6 months after that a sleeve and on and on.

I haven't touched it since last January/February.  I had a vacation day on Thursday and decided to finish it once and for all.  Told myself that I had to finish it before I quilted anything else.  I sat down with it and no lie, I had it completed in less than an hour.  All I had left was to sew shut one arm pit and to weave in about 10 ends.  How sick is that.

I am so thrilled that it is finished and that it fits.  Not to mention I get to wear it for a full season at last.

Are you a Ghastlies person.  I will be participating in the Ghastlie Blog Hop on Thursday.  It starts on Monday and will go on for 2 weeks 5 stops aday .  Stop by for your very own Ghastlie experience.    


  1. Well done Selina - it is amazing what can be accomplished when you set yourself the challenge

  2. Congratulations on finishing your cool looking sweater! Wooo hooo!

    Psst... there is a great big spider on that bush behind you!


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