Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blank Canvas

Next week I will be having lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a very long time.  She is the gal who got me into stamping and card marking way back.  Stamping stuff makes up one of my larger stashes of things. It takes up a good size section of the basement. I don't do much of it any more but thought this would be a good time to drag out some of the goodies and make a gift of some kind to give her.

So I took these items, a piece of "BLANK"canvas from a drop cloth from Home Depot, a piece of fabric from my quilting stash and stamps and ink from my stamping stash

 I spent an evening being creative and came up with this lunch bag /small tote from a tutorial I found at

This is a bag I've made on 2 previous occasions from my quilting stash. Once for a friend as an emergency bag after she spent an afternoon in the waiting room of the local hospital twidling her thumbs. I filled it with things like sock yarn, needles and a pattern and a paperback mystery and some quarters for the vending machine (hopefully she will never have to use them).  The other one I gave to a friend for use as a lunch bag with a gift card for a local sandwich place.

I think I will put in this one a suduku book with pencil and maybe I'll make a matching tissue holder and eyeglass case if time permits before Tuesday's lunch.

It really was a fun time making this and combining crafts.  Maybe now that I found the stamp stuff again I will even make a few cards or some of my own designer fabric(tee,hee).


  1. Sew cute! I haven't made bags. You did a great job, she will love it.

  2. They look great. Do you need to use a special stamp pad for printing on fabric?

  3. Wow what a great idea to use a stamp to make your own fabric design! I love that! And the lunch bag looks professionally made!


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