Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vacation Highlights

Just back from Disney.  Had a great mini trip to visit the mouse and our good friends over the holiday weekend.  The first highlight was giving the matching tee shirt to J.  She loved it and we did the matching outfit thing for the holiday

The next highlight is this picture of the bathroom floor in the Animal Kingdom. Several years ago I pieced the frogs.  I have been sitting on them for all that time promising MJ that I would make him a wall hanging.  I just couldn't find the original picture. Hopefully by fathers day I will have the thing finished now that I have this visual to work with or around depending on the day.

Last but not least was my gift to me

It's a henna tatoo. I have been passing the stand in Moraco in Epcot for years telling myself I'd get one and each trip I stroll by on my way to something else and say next time.  This time I told J I wanted one and she forced the issue.  It is just cool. It will last about 2 weeks.  I am just a very happy, happy person.  It is on my right wrist so I can look at it all day every day til it wares away.

And now for the lowlight, I am now waiting for our luggage to arrive.  It missed the plane. I got a call a half hour ago telling me that they had it and it would be here in the next 4 to 8 hours.  That means midnight to 4 am.  I think I won't be my perky self for work in the morning but I will have my tat to keep me smiling.  I'm not actually complaining about the luggage. In all of the years we have been traveling this is the first time our luggage didn't arrive with us.  Actually, the airline knew when we landed that the bags missed the flight and they would be on the next plane so they weren't ever lost, just late.

Hope you were all thankful for our Military this weekend.  Take care til next time.  me

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  1. What a cool tile floor... and what a great idea to turn it into a quilt! Can't wait to see it...

    Love your tattoo... bummer about your luggage being left behind but glad it wasn't lost!


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