Friday, January 22, 2016

Quilty 365 Update

 I started participating in Quilty 365 on January 1st. Click on the button for more info.  This is the box of scraps I am using for this project.  They are all from a friend in the Carolina's who felt the need to clean out some of her scraps. This project is dedicated to her.  

My general plan of attack is to pull out a handful of fabric (no matching required) and prep several blocks for the coming few days.

Up to now, I have used 5 inch squares and a few blocks where I  pieced together a couple of narrow strips to make my circles.  Last night I decided to change it up by making a slab of fabric and then cut it into circles.

This rather ugly slab made these very cool circles.

These are my blocks prepped for the next few days.

Here are 18 of the 21 blocks I have completed so far.  

This project is very interesting. 22 days in (ha only 343 to go) and it still has my interest. Actually it's a nice little diversion when you don't want to tackle or start a bigger project.  For me it's also a challenge to stay on track because I know it will end up as a UFO if I get to far behind. That's one of the reasons I try and prep 6 - 8 in advance when I have a chunk of time.


  1. I love how your are planning your 365 quilt. The made fabrics make very interesting circles - I prep 6 at a time too as it works better for me.

  2. What a great plan , love those pieced circles !

  3. This a great way to use scraps and have them look good. Love the circles!


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