Monday, November 11, 2019

Stitch It and Gift It Blog Hop

This is a Hop that is right up my alley.  Thanks Carla for the great idea.  Everyone I know has something that I have made.  OK, they have lots of things I have made.  I have a group of 5 or 6 crafty buddies who have great collections of samples of what I'm working on and I have a collection of theirs. So what else can I do when I find a small sweet item that I really enjoy making, I find a group or organization who can use them.

Since I started crafting I generally made more than one of anything I tried  that took under 2- 3 hours to make.  Thus the collections to friends .Since I've retired and have more time, well you get the picture.

I've made lots of Mug Rugs . You can see this group individually if you go to the link

They went to a group of Vets from an  Honor Flight trip that a friend of mine was a guardian,

I also work with a team for Operation Shoebox that makes para cord bracelets for our troops which lead me to making a bunch of childrens bracelets for Operation Christmas Child, which is a holiday effort under the international organization "Samaritan's Purse".

Another fun item I have made lots of are Crochet/knitted Pin Cushions

This group went to Angel Snugs for a fund raiser.

I am an active member of The Big Cypress Chapter,of  the Quilt Guild of the Villages, Fl. One of our chapter's Charity projects is to make Preemie Quilts for a local Hospitals NIC unit.  I have the privilege to chair this group of amazingly productive ladies.

Our ladies make tiny quilts(11 x 11 and 17 x 17) for Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July and Easter.  The hospital has made arrangements with a photographer to take photos of these wonderful little ones to celebrate their first holidays and our little quilts add to the celebration. Our group delivers 90 - 100 quilts per holiday.

I supervise the project I don't actually sew for it.  I do take all the scrap fabric back and make something small for all of my wonderful volunteers

Easter Goodie Bags

Last year I made Drawer String Bags using

Drawer string bags for last years Christmas treats

approx 4 in across, 3.5 in high,3/4 in deep

The pattern is The Tinkalong Pouch Sewing Pattern the pattern is for the 2 larger pouches, to get to the tiny one she suggests taking the smaller of the two patterns down to 65%, it works like a charm.

And this year while the group is busy sewing together our Christmas quilts I am using the scraps to make "in the hoop" zip pouches totally  from the scraps from the mini's including the batting.. I did hit a couple of bumps in the road.  I made the first couple with no issues,

then I apparently got cocky and ended up with a pouch that has the batting on the outside.

 Did a couple more and made one where I forgot to open the zipper before stitching and had to do a bunch of ripping of embroidered stitches to free it up and fix. Hind sight says it would have been quicker to toss it and start over.

Then I thought I'd try stabilizer that was sticky and put it in the hoop upside down and broke a needle into 3 pieces and now need to replace this piece that has all the needle holes in it because it stuck to the bottom of the hoop and I tried to sew through it.

All in all a learning experience but so worth it to be able to thank these great volunteers.  So far I have 30 done of the 50 I need by the first week in Dec.

Now for having the patience to read all of this I am offering a chance to win a couple of these pouches.  I will pick a winner on Sunday, November 17 from those of you who took the time to leave a comment.  In the comment let me know if you want a holiday themed or if you have a favorite color group for me to sew from.

Again thanks to Carla for another fun idea for us to run with.  Here is a list of all or the participants in this hop.  You will be so happy that you took the time to stop by and visit each and every one.  Til next time.

Monday, November 4, 2019

busy bee

This post is mainly to document what I've been up to that didn't  get posted.  I'm thinking that most of this was on my IG posts but maybe not so here goes.

In September and October I made  lots of pin cushions

                        along with many, many others participating in the #teenytinypinnieparade

I posted one a day for 3 - 4 weeks.  They are all 3 inches or less in size.

My quilt guild had a retreat in October and even though I wasn't physically there I was there in spirit.

one of the group projects was the 10 minute table runner 

they also had a jelly roll race

I made a couple of these sweet bags from #tinkalongtotepattern

the first one I made from scraps front and back

the next one I made from fabric that I used a sashiko embroidery pattern from designs by juju

for the front and back,  Yes the tote has a draw string close.

sneak peek

I have been working on another project that will be revealed in next weeks blog hop

I took an embroidery class and made this hot plate about 9 inches square

took what I learned at class home and came up with the tree version there is a pocket on the back to hold a tile

saw that @tinkerellen had come out with another sweet pattern

this one is for a needle minder, I used the pattern as another outlet for some
of my vast collection of scraps


I think that gets me mostly through October.  

Next Monday, Nov 11 I will be posting more goodies for the 

Stitch It ans Gift It

Blob Hop which runs all of next week. I am posting on day 1 and will have a list of everyone who is creating for the event

Hope to see you then.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop

Lets start with I LOVE HALLOWEEN.  When I lived in NJ I had  a town house where we had 300 - 400 trick or treaters every year.  I now live in a retirement community and there are none. So I am very thankful to Carol for running this particular hop that keeps me smiling for the holiday.

My first idea was to use this piece that I stitched last year that I found on  Elizabeth Coughlin Designs  posting from last years hop. She offered this wonderful pattern and I fell in love and had to work it up immediately.

My problem with it is that I didn't want to do something with it that was only going to be seen when I pulled out my Halloween stuff.  So these guys have taken up permanent residence on my idea wall where they will remain and where I get to see them everyday.  My wall is behind my ironing board so we get to chat several times a day as a general rule. So Thank you Elizabeth.

But I have come up with several hauntingly adorable quilty pieces to share with you all today.

I recently participated on IG in the #teenytinypinnieparade where we made a teeny pincushion daily from  Sept 15 to Oct 6.  Suggested size was under 3 inches and participation was as many or as few of these addicting little things as you wanted to make.

I made  26  Pinnies   these 3 were Halloween based.





Just plain cute

I have a niece who is crazy for the scary and whose birthday is in October so when I found this fabric I knew what I would be shipping her birthday goodies wrapped in.

So far we have the bag, one of the /easy-peasy-drawstring-backpack-free-sewing-tutorial that I have made so many of.  A girl can't have too many totes can they and theme based is better, right.



Inside the tote among other things is a matching zip pouch.

When I went to find the little pouch for pictures I found that it had gone for a visit with the other pups in my teeny tiny pinnie basket. Since they are now friends I will probably send one of them along too.

Next up, we had an addition to our family this summer.  So while I was on a roll with my Halloween fabrics I figured the little guy would appreciate a Holiday bib. Yes I am crazy about this fabric.

And now on to the main event.  A few weeks ago while playing with the embroidery machine, I wanted to master using the IQ design feature of downloading  a coloring book JPEG file and converting it to embroidery.

We are big Disneyworld attendees and go for an annual  visit for Halloween to their Not So Scary Halloween  event. The fun part of this party is that you can get dressed up or not and you get to Trick or Treat all night.  There are candy stops all over the park and you can stop at each of them as many times as you want to stand on line (it is Disney after all).

So I took my coloring book page and made myself a candy bag as a test and when that worked I made myself

a matching tee shirt.

We attended the event last week.

As you can see, by my standards, it was a success. MJ on the other hand loved the fireworks and the parade led by the Headless Horseman. Different strokes for different folks. ( But I got to bring mine home with me, Ha Ha)

Well I hope you had a wonderful visit and got some fun ideas to run with.  Please do yourself a favor and stop by and visit all of the other ever so talented participants in this hop all listed below and again, thank you Carol for all you've done to make this yet again another super fun event.

October 7

October 8

October 9
October 10

October 11

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

My Favorite Quilt Block Blog Hop - How about TUMBLER BLOCK

I love the idea of having a favorite block.  For years I loved star blocks of all kinds but one day maybe 2 years ago I fell in love with the Tumbler Block. I have no idea what triggered it but I am still running with it.

This Flag and several other of my tumbler pieces can be found here

Last summer I participated in a Christmas in July Hop Tumbling Toward Christmas where I posted 4 different tumbler projects that I made for gift giving.

This Halloween Quilt  and a couple of other examples can be found here.

But my absolute favorite Tumbler Block creations are my Coasters which can be found at the bottom of the post

So all of these pieces made it very difficult to come up with something new for this hop.  I first went to a work in progress.  

These little tumblers are part of a leader/ender project.  Didn't think I could get it to the size I wanted by the start of the hop

I am currently dabbling with Sashiko and thought I'd see how it would work , not so much.

Of course there is always a mug rug to fall back on

I then went to the Tumbler box and dragged out a bunch of cut tumblers that I keep on hand and looked at them for a couple of days. And then as so often happens, in the middle of the night the idea for a quilt popped into my head.

This was a quilt as you go project.

I don't generally name my quilts but Tumbling Tumblers just seems to fit.  This quilt will be going to a Veteran at a Veteran's day program given by the church where CFMQG meets monthly.

And last but not least is this little mug rug which meets my commitment to include an embroidered item in every blog this year.  This little guy was a test item on several levels.  The flower and leaves are  a coloring page downloaded onto my machine and converted into an embroidery design.  Then I added a tumbler block as a flower pot.  It looked too plain so I then found a heart design on my machine to add.  Then since my sister is always concerned that she would ruin a mug rug with a tea cup "ring" I added a  layer of iron on vinyl to the top before binding. All in all a very successful test. The only thing I don't understand is how I'm related to my sister, she's concerned about Tea Cup Rings and I worry about wine stains (not).

So thank you Carla for coordinating another wonderful Hop Along Event and for once again making my brain hurt in such a wonderful way.

Thanks so much to all of you for stopping by and please take the time to visit all of the other wonderfully talented ladies participating this week.

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