Monday, February 1, 2016

Where did January go?

January certainly flew by.  Looking back I can see I was busy, and actually accomplished way more than I thought. Great thing taking pictures of everything that happens in life ;-}

This is my Quilty 365 project that I started on January 1.  So far so good.

I also managed to finish this baby quilt for my cousins first grand child.
This is #2 on my Q1 FAL

Love the fabric I found for the back.

So very little girly.

The big happening in my life this month is that my little sister moved from NJ to 4 blocks from me here in Florida.

I really missed having her near by this past year.  What I forgot was that she is my biggest quilting fan and that she isn't shy about asking me to make her things. And being the wonderful big sister  that I am, I don't know how to say no.

She told me she was in need of new placemats and some matching rope coasters.

This is her set of reversible mats.  

And a close up of the matching rope coasters.

She asked for them after seeing this set made for a local church. They supply weekly meals to their seniors.  A placemat goes out with the first meal and at Christmas all mats are replaced.

Fronts and backs

Our guild is taking on this project.
I have a personal goal of 2 per month for the year.  

Another local group, Giving Dolls, hand makes dolls for various Childrens Organizations.  When they send their dolls to hospitals they include 24 inch square quilts.  This size works well with wheel chairs.
This is part 1 of # 3 of my Q1 FAL

I had some great monster fabric 

I'm hoping to make at least 1 of these a month for 2016.

I had this great fabric in my stash for the backing.

Come on February, bring it on.


  1. After seeing those placemats, I'd say your sister is a very wise woman to ask you to make them. And I love that a placemat goes out to the seniors for their meals. What a lovely personal touch.

  2. I really like how you are off setting your rows - very good idea and I may have to borrow that!!

  3. I do like those placemats and your 365 is going to be amazing!

  4. Your are a wonderful generous soul! To make so much with love and give it away to unknown hearts in need...and known sisters too. I really love those coasters.

  5. I love those rope coasters. I like how you are setting your 365. Our guild makes placemats for the local meals on wheels. This year we are making them for Valentine's day.

  6. I love your bright and cheerful 365 circles, and your monochrome placemats are wonderful!

  7. Those scrappy circles are the best! And all the other projects--busy, busy!

  8. Such a great achievement for January, your commitment to charity works is greatly admired. Keep up the good work. Love the 365 circles

  9. Holy heck! Sounds like you like to keep busy.

  10. I see you did link it up - ignore my comment!


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