Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This weeks Finishes

I finally finished the baby quilt for my assistants first grandchild.  It's going to be a girl.

I so fell in love with it and really didn't want to give it up.

That doesn't usually happen to me.  I make quilts for the sense of accomplishment rarely for me to keep.

But I really, really had a had time handing it over.

And the back is hot pink with white polka dots.

Again with the twisted picture. ....The bag with the circles in the background is mine from the Nancy Drew Hop from a while back.  My friend a relatively new quilter wanted to make one with a little help from me and my leftovers.  We have been talking about this for what seems like forever.  Well yesterday was her birthday and I just had to get this done on my own.  She was so thrilled.  I am not sure  if she was happier that she had the bag in her possession or if she was thrilled to just get an item off her to do list.

I had some scraps left over from the lining so I whipped up a gift card holder.

I also included a couple of REAL Nancy Drew books and a Dunkin Donuts card.

All in all she was pretty happy with her gifts.


  1. The baby quilt is cute as can be. I understand totally why you would want to keep it. Love the squiggles in the quilting. Janita

  2. that has to be one of the cutest baby quilts I've seen in a long time. I love that pattern and the colors are perfect. I can see why you had a hard time parting with it.

  3. Lovely baby quilt, well done. Cute Nancy Drew bags.

  4. I can imagine wanting to keep this quilt, it is gorgeous Selina

  5. Love the quilt....I'll bet your assistant was thrilled....and no wonder that you wanted to hang on to it....gorgeous! Love the Nancy Drew bag and goodies too. I still have some ND fabric too and need to put it to good use. Nice job!

  6. Such a wonderful baby quilt, Selina. The pink and green colors are always a great combination. The design looks so pretty in them. So sweet of you to finish up your friend's bag and that little package looks wonderful.

  7. No wonder you fell in love with the baby quilt. It's spectacular. I love the colors. Never having girls myself, I hardly ever use those colors. I'm so jealous! LOL!
    Great Nancy Drew gift bags.

  8. Beautiful baby quilt! I would have wanted to keep it too! ;)

  9. Beautiful quilt Selina , I think I would find it difficult to give it up too .

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