Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Postcard Swap

These are the wonderful postcards I was lucky enough to receive in the FALL POSTCARD SWAP  coordinated by Sheila over at

The first card I received was the one with the trees.  The tree tops are made from cormo and alpaca wool. The card came from Judy in Idaho, USA.

The pumpkins made their way to NJ from Saskatchewan, the Canadian Prairie.  I hope you can make out the sparkly stars that Dawn put in the night sky.  Very cool.

It is always such fun to take part in these postcard swaps.  The imagination found in the designs from around the world is amazing.  

This is the card I made to send to Judy and Dawn in case you missed it in my last posting.  I want to thank both Dawn and Judy for swapping with me and special thanks to Sheila for coordinating yet another wonderful event.


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