Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Hello my dearest friends in blogland.  I would appreciate it deeply if you could keep me in your prayers on Tuesday.  I am having my right Hip replaced.  This is elective surgery and I am very excited to have it done and behind me.

I have lined up several UFO hand projects for my down time. The first picture is of a quilt I made when I had my left hip replaced 5 1/2 years ago. All it needs is to be bound.  I hope to get the binding on later this evening so that I can hand stitch it down  in the next couple of weeks.

This sock needs about 2 more inches and then a partner.  I have no idea when I started it.

This one isn't a UFO. But it is so cute.  It's a baby hoodie.  I have several Babies that I need to get gifts done for in the next several months and I think this one looks like fun.

I started another Helmet liner that needs finishing.

I started this knitted afghan at least 6 maybe 7 years ago. I'm hoping I can remember how to do it.  It was when I first started following knitting  instructions. 

This is a crocheted afghan that I started 2 years ago using scraps.  I think I stopped because I ran out of scrap so I may actually just rip it out, haven't decided yet.  

In addition I have 2 hexie projects that I would like to dig out and maybe work on. and then there are the books to read and the  DVD's of season upon season of TV shows that I want to catch up on, not to mention all of the blogs i want to keep up with.

I think that there is enough variety here to keep me from being bored.  I should be home from work for 6 - 8 weeks. My real hope is that I actually finish some of these projects not just move them all forward a tad. I will report on completions if I get that far.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and good thoughts.      Selina


  1. You have found lots to keep you 'company' while recovering. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  2. I'll be praying that all goes well with your surgery and that your recovery is uneventful and smooth!

    BTW - I ordered the sock knitting book you recommended. It's cool and I can't wait to knitting again.

  3. I will certainly be thinking of you - wishing you a very speedy recovery and soon you will be racing around the block again. I do not think anything could slow you up! Good luck with your UFO's

  4. Prayers for the surgery and quick recovery! Even though you will be limited in activities for a while, you have a lot of great projects to keep you occupied. Take care and be well!

  5. Sending prayers your way! Doesn't look like you'll run out of things to do. :)

  6. I will keep you in my prayers Selina, best of luck in your surgery and recovery , I hope it works out well for you and have fun completing your projects :-)

  7. Prayers going up for you my friend.

    You have so many wonderful projects ready to work on and I pray that your healing will go well and fast.

  8. Hi!!!! Sending hugs and prayers!!!!! Hope you have a quick recovery!!!!!

  9. Amen, to you Selina...speedy my thoughts and know we will be here cheering you on in the very near future..


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