Saturday, January 21, 2012

I started my Swoon Blocks

On Wednesday my friend P felt the need to go to our local Yarn Shop which is straticially located next door to the Quilt Shop. Of course I needed to check out what was going on there and low and behold hanging on the wall was a Swoon quilt.  I have been looking at that block for months now debating how I felt about it. Live and in person pushed me over the edge.  It was a very expensive lunch. I picked up all of the backing and several fat quarters. I figured if I hated doing it I could always use white on white fabric.

These are my first 3 blocks.  They are addicting. After making the first 2 I realized I had chosen dotted fabric for the stars. I love dots actually the white has white dots on white also.  So last night I pulled lots of dots from the stash and will plot the remaining blocks from there.

I made the 3rd block last night while participating in the Friday Night Sew In .I tried to link to the site but either blogger or the internet won't let me. It is sending me messages about closing programs.  I'm hoping I don't have to start this post over again.  I think I will just post now and hope for the best.


  1. well; everything came through ok....nice blocks...

  2. Oh wow!!! These blogs are great... I love the peach and gray! It is so funny because I just picked up a couple fat quarters in peach and gray to through together! I am glad I see how awesome yours are now I don't have to second guess myself!

  3. Great swoon blocks! I love dots too, and use them without thinking sometimes. Its just a go to for me. This is going to be one gorgeous quilt, you're making me re-think doing this.:)

    Enjoy your weekend, see you soon

  4. I love the Swoon quilt pattern, so much that I made a version for myself last year. Yours is looking really, really good.

  5. Love these blocks and I'm with you....dots are yummeeeeeee! Blogger seems to be ok now....hope it continues to play nicely
    sugary hugs
    wendy :O) xo

  6. Your swoon blocks are wonderful And you are already a third done with the quilt! The orange one is my favorite.


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