Saturday, February 24, 2018

Spread the Love

So I got up yesterday morning and started bouncing from blog to blog visiting various spots that sounded interesting. One of the stops was to visit Bernie at Needle & Foot to read her post  Spread the Love

It is a wonderful post about Amy Jandrisevits' work making "A Doll Like Me".( this link takes you to her facebook postings )  You need to read the post in the 1st link above as I can't do justice to the work Amy does. The facebook link is pictures I think, I'm not on facebook. The over view is that she makes dolls for children with physical issues. If a child is missing a limb, so is the doll.  If the child wears glasses, so does his or her doll.  They get a doll they can relate to " A Doll Like Me".

Bernie thought it would be a great idea that in the month of February  quilters who have the urge can spread the love ( again, explained in the 1st link ) by making doll quilts that can go with some of the dolls Amy is making.  You know the kind, 22 - 26 ish inches.  Not fussy about the relative size.

I loved the idea and opened some drawers and boxes and found that I had one for a little girl finished and folded up (24 inch square).  When I opened it I found blocks to make another tucked inside (maybe for next month).

A little more digging and I found a 26 inch square for a little boy.  I think I made this with left over blocks a couple of years ago and was waiting for someone to have a baby that I could add borders and finish it up for.

Fate works in strange and wonderful ways.

The rest of the week was spent prepping for the Small, Smaller, Smallest Blog Hop where I will be posting on March 7, and I finally sandwiched my 30 blocks in 30 days quilt.  Maybe I'll get it quilted this weekend.

Have a great week and go check those links.


  1. Your little doll quilts are more than just adorable. They’re finished and sent with love. Sure to be adored by their young recipients. When they touch those quilts, they will feel your kindness.

  2. Those are two adorable little quilts and I'm sure they will be love.

  3. I just read about these doll quilts...such an amazing project! Your quilts are adorable and will be well loved I'm sure. I finished my Small, Smaller, Smallest project a few days ago. I'm excited to see all the small projects, including yours!

  4. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.



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