Saturday, February 17, 2018

Coming Soon - Small Smaller Smallest

It's only 3 weeks away.  What you may ask.  Why the Small  Smaller  Smallest Blog Hop.  It' coming March 5 and running through March 8.  See the button over there on the right top.  That's what I'm talking about.

Ok so I'm starting on my projects today.  Well I actually started awhile ago but what I was working on wasn't doing it for me.  Then by total accident I came across a whole new project that will fit the SMALL title perfectly.

So I gathered together what I need, interesting huh.  Can you guess what's coming. I will begin to construct after I have breakfast.  So that's the what I will be doing today. 

This is what I've done this week.  This is the 30 blocks in 30 days quilt top that has been hanging on the design wall for the last couple of weeks.  This week we had work done on the ceiling fan in my sewing room. It works really well now and blew several blocks off the wall so I figured it was a message to get the top sewn together.

   It measures in at about 50 x 60.  I thought it would be great using different scraps for each block. Well on a block by block level that was great. On a quilt level it was a logistical nightmare to put together. I didn't want to sash and it has a lot of white.  I am pretty happy with the outcome and I did do it all with scraps.  

I don't machine quilt really well so I usually use a thread color that melts into the fabrics. This time I am going to give it a shot using threads of various colors to break up the white.  

Well it is way past time to eat and get started with my SMALL project.


  1. Oh, LOVE your quilt project with the scrap blocks! I could see myself doing something like that. I struggle with sewing the same fabric and the same block over and over. But this looks fun! I think I’ll PIN it to my really long list of quilt inspirations.

  2. Selina!! First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL PACKAGE!!! I got it shortly before I had to run out to work at Taekwondo testing days, and your generosity floored me. The rice bags have actually already been useful, as I used a back muscle more than it apparently wanted to be used when I was moving equipment around. And the Dove chocolates you substituted in the super intriguing M&M zip-bag are my most favorite candy of all. :) I think I will keep that bag stocked with snack treats by my domestic machine, so I'll see it often and keep getting smiles from it.

  3. I really like the 30 blocks in 30 days quilt and congrats on using up all those scraps. I can't wait to see what SMALL project you are making.

  4. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !



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